McCarthy vows to kick extremist Democrats off committees if GOP wins House


Rep. Kevin McCarthy lays out vision for a potential GOP majority on ‘Hannity.’
#FoxNews #Hannity

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Responses (37)

  1. Google Evil

    This guy, gtfo. Why aren't all politicians held accountable.

  2. brian fitzgerald

    bunch of god dam GRIFTERs

  3. brian fitzgerald


  4. S Boloshis

    Just expose them to Americans so we can vote them out.



  6. Himon Willard

    Stand for the truth or suffer the consequences.

  7. Liam Carroll

    Didn’t Pelosi attempt to have a bipartisan commission that McCarthy flat out rejected?? Why did he do that?

  8. Hello It’s me!

    Schiff should also be censured for his non-stop lying and smearing.

  9. Robby Rutland

    Kick em out and send them to prison.

  10. Douglas Vick

    It's all co-intellpro. Controlled opposition.

  11. Billyboy ou812

    McCarthy is a Rino not to be trusted, he thinks it's wrong for a government official to buy stocks? it's called insider trading which is illegal. I'm really getting tired of them using the word accountability, their definition is: we know what you did but your not going to jail.

  12. Prophetic Sword Nita

    We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, that the Evil in Washington be pulled down by the Hand of God. For we are in Covenant with him, with our forefathers both Native and immigrants. We are standing on the promises of God. We are living in the Kingdom Era, God's Glory is pouring out on us. Look to the Great Healing, an Awakening of the Spirit of God in Mankind. This time is his time! The evil in Washington is rolling down the Hill, if you are caught up in this coup, get out from under the big rocks and tell your story, repent, pray Pslams 91 over your family and community, and State, and Nation, as you recieve Communion! For Jesus told the Apostles, Do this often as you Meet. We are at the Red Sea time, and surely Pharoh will fall under the waves of his own Iniquity and greed! In Jesus name praise and thank the Lord for his Many Blessings. Fear not For I am with you! Says the Lord God Almighty!

  13. Chromazome

    Is it just a coincidence that Democrats are in elected AND non-elected positions of power that all Documentation, data, and decisions go through? I think not. It's almost as if the Republicans have zero power to hold anyone accountable and to collect information. I wonder why that is?

  14. Already Teacher

    send the pirate omar back home and smallbrain to china

  15. Don't Look Up!

  16. Silent Killa

    Y’all not smart y’all be spilling these beans toooooo early!

  17. susan smith

    "Russia Hoaxter'….lol

  18. some dude

    He wont do it.

  19. whiskey drunk420

    Never should any government officials or any member of their family be able to trade any stock. The salary should also be 50,000$ a year and 4 year limits in Congress and Senate

  20. imso smart

    I hope he does!

  21. Mike Fredrickson

    No for speaker of house!

  22. Lori Nelson

    McCarthy had the chance to form a bipartisan commission in which he could appoint Republicans before the January 6th committee was formed. He refused.

  23. Lori Nelson


  24. Lori Nelson

    McCarthy is weak, a coward and a liar. He is the last Congress member that should sit in the speaker's chair.

  25. Judie vandermeulen

    About time get the money they made as we American had no clues

  26. Jennifer Baker

    McCarthy is a blabber mouth and a do nothing rino

  27. Northern Lites

    This man wants to be House Speaker….LOL, after what just came out today, if Trump has his way McCarthy, days are numbered. What an idiot…Duh!!!!

  28. Brenda boyle

    I've so too much of what they're going to do, and I haven't seen any of it done. After all the wrongs the dems have done, I don't believe that nothing can be done to correct it, stop it, and hold those doing it responsible. C'mon, man.

  29. Howler North America

    Good man Americans need more like you, keep up the good work!

  30. Susan Polin


  31. Bread Wagon

    Ultimately, we need a pit bull who bites not growls. Jim Jordan.

  32. J. wellfleetion

    Dirtbag should and hopefully will be in jail before he can cover up his crimes against our beloved democracy, our America.

  33. Doug LeMay

    After the January 6th committee does its job, will there be any fascists left to make a majority?

  34. J Priest

    Mc Carthy has been known to bend with the wind. Look who informs him and lives with him. Or did live in his home. Not so sure about this guy.

  35. Carl Tyndall

    The DEMS are doing everything to bring AMERICA DOWN!!

  36. cristine storey

    Cant wait for all of that to happen

  37. Willis Scott

    Omar = treason
    Schiffhead = treason democrats in general = treason