Meet the popular dog behind the meme who was rescued before being put to sleep


Kabosu was found by a Japanese kindergarten teacher in the worst conditions… about to be put to sleep. The woman took him home and gave him all the care he needed. He soon became part of her family and she would constantly give him too much love. So she started posting photos of him on her personal blog without realizing her dog… would become the superstar behind the memes.

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  1. When you got top comment in this kind of video:Doge face*

  2. Yo man that's our ,mr bonk "horny shall be parishes "😂

  3. Keep up the great work

  4. Aww she’s so cute kabosu best doge

  5. If it weren't rescue the meme world would be a different place

  6. This literally never happened.

  7. I have terrible news he has died rip don’t like this just pay respect

  8. Which out her, no DOGE Coin

  9. This made my heart melt

  10. This good boy will forever be remembered

  11. Who is this dog they seem familiar

  12. Tf what just happend someone pfp

  13. Just putting it out here, We will keep up the Doge Bonk meme

  14. Japanese: Beautiful names
    Americans: DOGE & CHEEMS

  15. Thanks to save dog, but is no Shaiba

  16. she is da reason we liv

  17. R.I.P to doge🙏😭

  18. fat doggos be like:

  19. I see two of the dog memes

  20. Cheems meri jaan😍✨

  21. suddenly … dodge died for now its been 16 years dodge is alive…u may rest in peace dodge its the year 2021 to 2022 now 🙁

  22. Nice very cute ♥️

  23. When Smosh used to run a Doge meme annotations back in 2011

  24. The reason I have this Minecraft skin

  25. 2:23The white dog kinda familiar

  26. How much cost in germania ?

  27. i thought the title meant it was put to sleep, im glad he wasnt

  28. Hue hue full lovebazi

  29. My heart just shattered into a million pieces