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  1. You can tell Messi could care less for PSG. He doesnt play with passion like he did for FCB. Since a move to MLS is what he wants, I'm sure he would do better there

  2. Messi come to the USA please!!!! Actually to LA Galaxy. Forget Miami 😂😂💪💪

  3. What I don’t understand is… is Harland more cheap than the half-cost Messi proposed?

  4. PSG 's 2023 team will be Messi,Haaland,Mbappe,Neymar,Lewandowski,Salah,Ronaldo,Kane,Benzema,Lukaku and Pele in goal.

  5. sheeesh zidane was wirh ronaldo now he with messi. man is living da dream

  6. I don't actually want him return now, maybe he might return at the last year of his career and retire at barca. Now we are at a developing stage of a new era. Messi leaving has actually improved us in a way. Now we get to know where we stand. It was always Messi who was turning things around for Barcelona but now we are independent. We now need to be a team instead of a one man show. Im grateful to Messi for what he has done for us 🙏. Visca el Barca ❤️💙.

  7. Please name of the music at 7:00 please

  8. 5:47 you said Milan beat Spezia, it was Venezia

  9. For Barcelona to get they will have to sell all their player and how will they play with only one player than they will have to sign new players with what money

  10. Where is financial fair play at ligue 1????????????????

  11. am watching this now because am so busy today am crying 😭😭😭

  12. How can Barcelona sign Halland even Ferran Torres still not being able to confirm ?? 🤔🤔🤔😌👌Messi probably will unite with Luis Suarez in MLS that for Sure 😎👌

  13. Messi "dreams" of playing in the MLS. Well your dream can come true buddy. FCDallas has their doors open for you 😂

  14. the title is – as always – just a click bait

  15. That’s it minimie go to Miami because you suck in PSG you could only score in mls now at 34 😂🤦‍♂️👎 just retire already and people call this balloon of gold what a joke

  16. couthino to villa

  17. Haland to chelea barca cant pay haland's salary per week

  18. This fraud has always been a troublemaker

  19. PSG should just stop no club is lower his status for are player

  20. Why you didn’t say anything about the African cup of Nations??? It is also very important as the other football games.

  21. Messi is going nowhere anytime soon..these titles 🤣🤣😂

  22. Without Messi in your channel, I think no one will watch your videos. Good job anyway

  23. Haaland just mentioned he wants to play for Madrid. This channel is just selling smoke about Barcelona

  24. I was hoping you will talk about the AFCON Here in the USA we get 0 coverage on that competition and being of Cameroonian origin I’m quite disappointed

  25. Loan option: Rique Puig to Leeds,
    Ross Barkley to Brighton

  26. will not watch this, not all about messi

  27. This guy is a total loser now he want to go to USA to walk around every state 😂 it use to be the best now is the best at walking in the field and be missing so many games unbelievable

  28. Haaland to Barcelona

  29. What the hell is the start.. only salah and lewa? ur kidding me right? Ronaldo? Messi?

  30. This channel is becoming shit what did psg and Messi have nth

  31. Goat is in prem while supposed greatest player wants to move to mls smh

  32. Mashallah Messi best player in the world All time

  33. Damm i wanna see messi and ronaldo together playing

  34. Messi he invested a lot of money in S.Florida he doesn't want to play for PSG anymore,he's going to make more money with Inter Miami

  35. I want Messi to continue play in psg and prove himself