Barcelona President Joan Laporta didn’t rule out Leo Messi’s return to the Camp Nou in the future.
“It’s time to turn this page. We realized that Lionel is unable to play for us due to problems with his salary. We are lucky that Messi spent his best years here. He is forever in our hearts, and our doors will always be open for him,” the newspaper Sport quoted the functionary.
Also, a funny episode happened at that Laporta’s press conference yesterday as when he commented on the extension of Barca midfielder Pedri he accidentally called him Messi.
So, what do you think folks, do you believe in Leo’s comeback at Camp Nou?

Zidane refused to become Newcastle head coach
RMC Sport

Breaking news: Zinedine Zidane turned down Newcastle offer. The French coach is not interested in the vacant Newcastle head coach position, despite the sudden arrival of new extremely ambitious Arab owners, according to RMC Sport.
Zizu is not considering the promising project at Newscastle and continues to be in search of work after leaving Real Madrid last season.

KPMG Football Observatory

Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haaland is the new most valuable football player in the world, according to KPMG Football Observatory. As of October, the transfer price of the Norwegian has increased to 144 million euros, thus overtaking Kylian Mbappe at the top of the list.
Since July of this year, Haaland’s transfer price has risen by 8%, while Mbappe’s has fallen to 136 million euros as the Frenchman’s contract with PSG comes to an end next summer.
And we also note Chelsea striker Romelo Lukaku, whose position in the top list has improved significantly since his return to the London club.
As for the clubs, Manchester City still have the most expensive squad – the total value of the club’s players is 1 billion and 220 million euros. They are followed by Manchester United, Chelsea, PSG and other top clubs. Barcelona is the club to close the top ten – ​​its squad is estimated at 732 million.

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Responses (30)

  1. jeanne man

    Si être jaloux du talent de Messi je ne comprend pas ,


    Mara this guy

  3. Sarsari

    Most of your headlines about Messi are either weird, untrue, or negative.

  4. Sarsari

    So, now Messi is with Barcelona again? 😫😫😏😏🙄🙄

  5. Man im sick of these fake videos. Messi is never coming back to that shitty club. Look what they do to their players. F that club

  6. M Anindya

    Jorginho pen merchant, inconsistent and overrated


    Evra! What are talking? Kante.. jorginho for Ballon dore??? Are you crazy?? Ballon dore is for the best Player only no matter if they Windows a trophy more or less… they all have nover that Kind of performance on the pitch like messi
    No matter he wins 6 of them already he deserve this trophy in all those years he played that game.
    Only messi deserve it!!! He is the best by distance! Kante or jorginho even lewandowski or others the deserve has that effort and effect on the pitch like messi

  8. why are people making fun of him like ALMOST all the youtubers do clickbaitong people act like this is something new

  9. krish soni

    i dont get it , if ballan d or was really for who won most trophies then xavi and iniesta in won everthing there was to win the wc and sextuple so y they gave the ballan d or to messi for scoring goals, dribbles and creating chances.
    stupid poeple cant understand this. they just hail ronaldo for his body and looks and for non-sense reasons.

  10. Thuam Samte

    Ever has make a wrong to a point Ballon d'or Messi is to be win the Ballon d'or 2021

  11. Urico Armagedon

    Congrats for copa and top scorer award but Bobby should win this, Bobby has won everything, and still consistant, they snubbed him because it was obvious that he would win last time, he is still consistant and should get what hes due, football should win, btw im a bar a fan and a messi fan…

  12. Urico Armagedon

    Gorginho won the these titles like Giroud won the world cup


    Zidan only wants to COACH top clubs at least top 2 or 4 clubs

  14. Cruduleci Andrei

    no i don t agree, kante and jorginho it s not messi

  15. 925review

    Evra is Jealous because he have 0 ‘Zero’ Ballon D’or

  16. Olimpio Amoes

    1:17 Lol the way he says it😂😂

  17. Sadat Ishraq

    5:20 is what you're waiting for

  18. Bi shal

    Balloon d'or is for solo best performance
    Jorjinho won with his team , but what about his solo performance .
    Messi got man of the match too during copa. Messi absolutely deserves it . All are jealous of him idk why

  19. Gopal Sharma good

    Please return in FC Barcelona place

  20. Paojeding Newmai

    Evra shud not compare messi,his skill,position, chance created so on, is the highest among all playr on this planet..

  21. Sam Aiello

    Fuck every video you guys make is about Barcelona and the premier league
    The are teams to you know ?

  22. Mangkho Eimi

    What has messi won with barcelona? Looks like Evra was on coma last season 🤣

  23. Juliana m Ryngksai

    No I don't agree with evra for me messi. Is such a great player no player can be like him jorginho can't create and scrore like messi but messi scores and help the team….

  24. benjamin barrett

    Know Messi well win it 👏

  25. Z.Y.R.O

    Well jorginho won both champions league and the euro he should win the Balloon D'R messi only won copa america so what jorginho had a successful season so he should win at least win the Ballon D"R modric won it so can he it depends on the success of a player both in club level and in international level i would be disastified is messi wins the it again

  26. Football legends

    The news is mostly different than the thumbnail

  27. Boudy Messi

    We need Zidane at Man United before he coaches France

  28. Boudy Messi

    Why Zidane wants Newcastle

  29. MR Beeko

    Messi return to Barcelona Doesn't make any sense but not this season Barcelona out of the Champions League

    But they was treating him so bad from the beginning😠🤔🤔

  30. Jeswin Jose

    If an individual award is won only by considering what the team have achieved. I dont think it make sense