Michigan Football Latest Rumors On Jim Harbaugh’s Future: “I’m Staying” + WAY-Early Preseason Polls

Michigan football rumors and the latest on Jim Harbaugh contract and Harbaugh NFL rumors on Tuesday January 11, 2022 from @Chat Sports host James Yoder is presented by Manscaped! Get 20% off and free shipping with promo code GOBLUE at and make your ball-drop classy and clean with Manscaped’s great grooming products. On today’s Michigan Football Report, we discuss:
– Latest On Jim Harbaugh Rumors – who did Harbaugh meet with in Miami before the Michigan vs. Georgia Orange Bowl
– Stephen Ross and Jim Harbaugh – what did they discuss?
– Harbaugh says ‘I’m Staying’ to the high school head coach of Arch Manning, top player in 2023 recruiting class
– Michigan football finishes #3 in AP Poll (best since 1997)
– Will Johnson To Wear Jersey #2 At Michigan – the next Charles Woodson at Michigan?

James Yoder on the Jim Harbaugh contract talks: What’s the hold up? The longer this goes… be nervous as a Michigan football fan.

Final 2021 College Football Polls – AP Top 5
1. Georgia (14-1)
2. Alabama (13-2)
3. Michigan (12-2)
4. Cincinnati (13-1)
5. Baylor (12-2)
Ohio State (11-2) finishes ranked 6th

More surprising departure from the Michigan football program? If Chris Hinton – Type CH or Vincent Gray Type VG

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Michigan, Ohio State football, and Mel Tucker and the Michigan State Spartans – Where each team is ranked in 2022 Way-Early Polls:
Michigan Wolverines:
– Highest rank: 5
– Lowest rank: 20
– All rankings: 5, 5, 7, 7, 7, 10, 20

Ohio State Buckeyes:
– Highest rank: 2
– Lowest rank: 3
– All rankings: 2, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3

Michigan State Spartans:
– Highest rank: 10
– Lowest rank: N/R (#33 in other)
– All rankings: 10, 10, 11, 10, 15, 8, NR

2022 way-too-early top 25 polls in today’s video: ESPN, Athlon, SI, The Athletic, Sporting News, Bleacher Report, Action Network

Poll: Are you getting nervous about Jim Harbaugh’s future at Michigan? Type Y for Yes or N for No

Type ‘2’ if you think Will Johnson will be a star

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Responses (36)

  1. More surprising departure from the Michigan football program? If Chris Hinton – Type CH or Vincent Gray Type VG

  2. Like the New D Line Coach Hire !

    Mike Hart will be a better coach,
    Jim is not a good coach, he's a better snake oil salesman than a coach, that 21/22 team was good with any coach, he'll be 500. Next year, don't give that idiot big money UM or you will be sorry 😐

  4. I think we will start out at number 6 at the beginning of the season . I also believe Harbaugh will stay .

  5. While we're all waiting to see if JH is going to stay at Michigan, I thought I'd put together all of the evidence I can think of to illustrate that he's not leaving. One think to keep in mind. In a court of law, a prosecutor can win a case based on circumstantial alone, IF there is enough of it. The bigger the mountain of circumstantial evidence, the stronger the case becomes. So here's a mountain of evidence that, when taken together, makes a strong case for JH staying in Ann Arbor. It's lengthy, so I apologize.

    I do not think that Harbaugh ever intended to leave Michigan. Note: I could be wrong. But, here's why I don't think I am. Keep in mind that I'm going to do some paraphrasing. The info I list here is all checkable (no red line? I guess that actually is a word…"checkable.")

    – In an interview back in December Harbaugh said that coaching at his alma mater was the greatest job there is. He also said that he'd coach there for free, he loves it so much.

    – Josh Gattis had the chance to take a head coaching position (especially after winning an award for best assistant coach in college football, but he didn't. Why? Because Harbaugh and company want another crack at a national championship…with some phenomenal recruits and many starters coming back, it'll be their best chance yet.

    – The other night it was reported that Harbaugh had boarded a jet, and was heading out to Vegas. The problem was, at that exact same time, Harbaugh (various photos confirm this) and some of his family were at Yost Arena watching a M hockey game.

    – It was reported that Harbaugh skipped an important meeting earlier this week and didn't even tell anyone he'd be absent. This is a crock. I don't care if JH was planning on leaving or not, but I can tell you this…Skipping a meeting would never even cross JH's mind. Regardless, it never happened.

    – Multiple Michigan insiders have reported that Harbaugh is staying. Gregg Henson, an ex-radio host in the Detroit area, he now works as, sort-of, an insider. According to Gregg Henson, an ex-radio host in the Detroit area, and has connections to Michigan, said this on Jan. 8:

    (I am) now hearing that Harbaugh “got what he wanted” and is staying at Michigan. Note: Henson is the guy who first reported that Harbaugh was signing with Michigan Geez, hearing Harbaugh is staying at Michigan and got what he wanted, this is potentially HUGE news.

    The next day, Henson said this:

    Another one (source from M athletic department) telling me that he thinks Harbaugh is staying.

    – 247 sports' Nick Kosko, worte an article where he said that he's hearing Harbaugh's return to the NFL is not likely. His information came from ESPN's Adam Schefter.

    – Sam Webb, a Michigan insider who has been quite trustworthy in the past (a few of these guys reported that JH was coming to Michigan 7 years ago, when the national media said otherwise.) told 247 Sports this a few days ago:

    “Everyone I talked to, and they’ve told me that they believe that Jim Harbaugh will be extended,” Webb told 247Sports.com. “He will remain the coach at the University of Michigan. That’s from several vantage points within the university that’s reaching out to a few people in his circle away from Michigan, they all expect that at the end of the day, he’s happier than he’s ever been. He’s fulfilled. He sees great opportunity on the horizon here. And that ultimately he will be back.”

    – Which reminds me of Harbaugh's words after the Orange Bowl: He said, "We'll be back."

    – Mike Florio, another insider wrote this on Jan 10:

    "Harbaugh has leverage. And he’s using it, openly toying with a return to the NFL and potentially getting a big raise to remain where he is. It's smart for Harbaugh. On the heels of his best year at Michigan, why not cash in? Especially if he can convince the school that he’s willing to cash out. Besides, his most viable NFL option — the Raiders — may end up sticking with the guy they have."

    Here's a few more reasons I think JH is staying at M:

    – The teams that most people thought were possible destination for JH are falling off the table, one by one: Miami…Owner says he's not going after JH…says he won't be the one to pluck JH from Michigan. Vegas…It's looking more and more like Davis is going to remove the interim titled from Bisaccia. What Bisaccia has done at Vegas is remarkable. It's one of those stories that you see sometimes in a movie. And if Vegas wins their first playoff game, forget about it (I think it's forget about it regardless). Chicago…In the last few days, the Bears have opened up their search with several different names on it. And yes, Harbaugh is one of those names. The problem: If the Bears already have JH (Which some stories have claimed), then why in the hell would the list have gotten a lot bigger over the last couple days?

    – Finally, just today, JH finally addressed the NFL rumors. He said: the rumors are more enjoyable than last year's. Now, that's the part of the quote several sports media organizations have printed. Two issues with that: 1. Harbaugh was clearly being funny, and a bit sarcastic. 2. …and this has been egregiously left out of the story as well…Harbaugh, who is in Texas for the ceremony where the Bear Bryant Coach of the Year Award will be given to one of the coaches that have been invited to that ceremony. Harbaugh said he was enjoying some family time down in Texas, and that he was glad that they were together, because starting next week, he'll be ready to hit the road for recruiting for Michigan (that does not seem like something JH would say if he was leaving, does it?) By the way, it's the second part that so many media outlets are not reporting (the part about JH hitting the recruiting road for M next week

    Now, any one or two of these probably wouldn't mean a whole lot. However, when you add all of them together, it makes for a pretty compelling case that Harbaugh is staying right where he is…at Michigan.

  6. Arch Manning would be wise to pick Ryan Day or Lincoln Riley as his coach – not Harbaugh !

  7. BUCKEYE FANS are glad he's staying – if that's true. We are confident we can beat him 7-8 out of 10. Looking so forward to next season in the shoe. Revenge is coming !

  8. CH
    I hope he gets drafted at the very least he gets to walk on.

  9. I’ll go with 9th ranking

  10. Jim Harbaugh decline Michigan contract on monday

  11. Harbaugh decline Michigan contract

  12. Most surprising was definitely CH

  13. If Jim was going to leave,he would wait until he thought it wouldn't effect our recruiting. Hopefully. Go Blue!!!

  14. Jim's coming back

  15. CH for sure. I just don’t get it.
    #Go Blue

  16. Grandpa’s cough syrup 😂😂 that was pretty funny

  17. Vincent Gray is not a loss for the Michigan secondary. He was consistently beat by average WRs throughout his career at Michigan. Chris Hinton finally had a decent season at Michigan, not an exceptional season. I thought he would come back and try and anchoring the middle of the defensive line for Michigan and be a leader for the Wolverines. Good luck at the next level to both.

  18. Vincent's timing is terrible – he got smoked in the Semi's

  19. they both were surprising!!!!! gonna go with CH.

  20. Wouldn't Gattis be taking a job somewhere already? Maybe he's waiting to see if Harbaugh leaves?

  21. UGA#1 ALA #1 could go either way .the rest doest mattet.

  22. Jim doesn't have it in him to recruit and win a natty. Get Ferris state coach .

  23. Michigan better go after sanders from Alabama. Former 5 star recruit at a position of need

  24. It’s clear as day that Jim is waiting on the Raiders. A week after the Raiders get eliminated he will be a Raider !!

  25. I think the negotiations that are going back and forth have alot to do with NIL. Just an opinion, but I can only guess the way they set it up in the SEC, is that they have a package set up for any or all that attend there. ( for example, every lineman receiving 50k, just for signing on) I think with Michigan, the opportunity is there if you market yourself. I'm thinking Harbaugh is negotiating in a way that NIL would appeal to some high profile recruits, that way we re more competitive ( business wise) and more elite at some much needed positions. DL and linebacker to start

  26. Both should stay. Neither is ready for the next level VG CH #FirstToTheParty #SportsPodcast

  27. Michigan will be losing to much talent and should be ranked 10.
    Not worried about losing Harbaugh. He still has more to prove, like having consecutive good years and beating OSU AND MSU. Plus he better start JJ to elevate the QB position.

  28. This time last year, a lot of people on this channel, wanted to run Jim Harbaugh out of town. You know who you are. Then you cheered, when Michigan cut his pay in half to show your appreciation of that move. Now, you're praying he stays. If he leaves, it's your fault.