Microsoft called out for new 'woke' feature


Biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy on Microsoft Word correcting offensive terms for the woke crowd, including ‘mailman’ and ‘mankind.’ #FoxNews

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Responses (33)

  1. Goodbye Microsoftie!!

  2. My mistress is a showgirl heroine to me

  3. That’s it. I’m breaking out the Lotus Amipro floppies.

  4. Any alternatives to Microsoft or Apple . I'm trying to teach myself how to code and build websites

  5. You failed in introduction. You should have said I am a white male wearing a white dress shirt and tie with no facial hair and bleached white teeth … then gone into the woke headline story.

  6. looks like i'm going to get acorreted alot

  7. The dude is haunted

  8. How do we let Microsoft know that they are stupid heads and that we do not want their nonsense in our computers????

  9. Stupid bastards!!! Microsoft that is….f-off

  10. I hope the options are unchecked by default.

  11. I use Apple products for a reason

  12. More and more people are slowly drifting towards Linux.😁

  13. Libre office works just great. So does Ubuntu… Tell Microsoft to suck it…

  14. Microsoft is being another big brother 😡

  15. It really should auto-correct to:
    "One giant leap to F00L mankind that we were on the moon in 1969"

  16. How much more wrong can Bill Gates be?

  17. Apache OpenOffice

  18. I haven't used Word in over a decade … and I worked at Microsoft just three years ago.
    THUMBS DOWN for having to listen to Kilmead's voice on the outro.

  19. Clippy sez: "It looks like you're trying to virtue signal. Would you like some help with that?

  20. We never stood a foot on the moon. Your a fool if you think we did. The rest seems correct.

  21. Yep and just like every other MS Bad decision someone will come up with a way to undo or bypass.

  22. It already happens on literally everything I've noticed almost everything I comment on tells me just how toxic my comment will be declared no matter how I word it 😆 always gets immediately removed on every platform

  23. Switching to Linux.

  24. Omg it never ends with this bull crap. I loathe these leftist woketards.

  25. Just call it a 'Twitter' filter. Can't ever be cancelled again 😜

  26. I think this is terrifying, because it is a form of thought control. And how can mistress be changed to lover? Those two things are not inherently the same thing

  27. If you use the word that starts with m and ends with n YouTube will delete your comment and flag your account so you can't post for a specific period of time. However, I just watched fauci use it in the Rand Paul testimony. Why hasn't he been canceled? Sick and tired of this BS woke culture. Ruining Western society.

  28. If you are forced to use Microsoft Word at work, and aren't allowed to disable the woke brainwashing, how is that not abuse?

  29. This is getting utterly ridiculous. They can stick their woke agenda up their woke you know what.

  30. Heroine hero 🤣😂🤣😂
    that’s drug is hero? 🤣🤣🤣
    Must try it if it’s hero drug
    The government give cleans 🧼 💉 keep you high and safe