Millions of workers are quitting their jobs


Businesses across the country are experiencing vacancies as new data shows a record number of people quitting their jobs. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 4.3 million people quit their jobs in the month of August. CBS MoneyWatch reporter Aimee Picchi joins CBSN with the latest.

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Responses (40)

  1. Robert McLean

    Because businesses who have a job to offer have become so arrogant, thanks to the internet. They know they can just post a job and get lots of responses. It's insane. They think they are part of a club. But, the club keeps getting smaller and smaller. Also, job seekers always think there is something better, on-line.

  2. witch5884

    People are quitting their jobs because Democrats will give away every working man or woman hard earned benefits to illegal aliens and the woke agenda! Why work if the benefits being paid for will not be there when they retire? Welfare, free money, medical and houses all being given to all non working Democratic voting new blood. The goose that laid the golden eggs was killed in for get them all at once!

  3. Beautiful Life

    Main reason is business always had abundance of workers that will work for any wage, and they can treat them as bad as they wanted. Wondering why no one will be a waiter if you leave him/her to live out of tips only. Now you can hire your family, and treat them as you treated the waiters if you want to stay in business. Thank you!

  4. Marissa Lanza

    Tell people who are on well fare n collecting food stamps mandate vaccine or lose their benefits, the rest of us who are working will fgladly get the vaccine

  5. Marissa Lanza

    The elephant in the room is pay shortage

  6. Bagel CHiPS

    Worked disabled as a nurse and just couldn't take it anymore. 15 separate employers in 20 years! Overworked, unappreciated, hostile wirk environment, corrupt corporate politics, and low pay. I burned out. Forced vaxx was the final straw. I'm out. F U BigPharma 🖕😊🖕

  7. Charli’Ray

    It’s not hard to understand why. Unreal you people get paid to analyze the topic 🤣 you couldn’t be more wrong and worthless

  8. generic bot

    Capitalism babeyyy

  9. francois broukx

    as a european, I admire the u.s. creativity; you found a system worse than slavery.

  10. MD Ebrahim Chowdhury

    It's not Delta, It's oppression, suppression, and systematic racism triangle..

  11. Jacquelyn Saenz

    Doesn't America even care about human beings that are losing jobs losing money and losing everything I heard a lot of people are leaving America because they want to start better jobs and better lives I don't think America cares about human beings they just care about you know the rich and the glory they don't care about people's health their jobs their kids or anything I just care about running the country I think I should leave America because I'm tired of all this stress and all this fears and all this negative I'm tired of it very tired of it I've even tired of social media and all this stresses me out it scares me All I want is to have a great life to have a beautiful job as a filmmaker to be a positive person

  12. Curlytop Asmr Lee

    I have a car note but not alot of other bills. So I can't quit. How are all these people paying the bills?

  13. Larry Hubble

    I am 69 years old, still working, and I wouldn't think of quitting, because I like having something to do and being useful. I haven't had a Covid vaccine or test, and no one really seems to care. Most places would be glad to just have workers, but most would rather sit at home on welfare and claim to be mentally stressed out. There should be NO welfare for this kind of behavior. These people are simply lazy, and those college degrees in women's studies and gender identity, well, if you are lucky, you MIGHT find a job at McDoonald's, if it is one that is still open.

  14. Larry Hubble

    Don't worry, we have plenty of illegals who will take these jobs and work for a lot less.. I hope we see plenty of these people who quit their job having trouble getting a job in the future. These lazy people who have supported illegals crashing into our country deserve exactly what they get. When they want a job, they will be gone.

  15. Christopher Scheiber

    Jobs that dont pay two grand a month in rent?

  16. Jose Saniago

    Time to either reinvent the capitalist system's rat race mentality, which is turning on itself, to let us say, a new type of economy that will attract people to really want to work in an environment that is worth keeping their jobs. Js

  17. M Strummer

    Easy fix ; Everybody quit and send insurance companies to the grave they deserve. Nothing like getting a 2-3% raise and the health insurance raises rates 6%. Every year it happens and workers keep sinking.

  18. Ruben Filimonczuk

    Where does this woman get her data from?

  19. Hellen Eurotas

    Well who wants to work then go home after the week is over and be in the hole,,,, business raise prices when that happens… but workers, OH NO WE CANNOT DO THAT! NOPE, thats insurrection, while corporations NOT PAYING a living wage are abusive,,, through deprivation,,, but, hey AMERICANS NO MATTER WHAT>>DO NOT FIGHT EACH OTHER…that what they want! DONT, DONT…
    Grow your own food, farmers are stressed, pay cash, get a roommate, no loans, noccards, stop feeding the monster.. the US is 28 TRILLION IN DEBT…"boy…cott " make the ones that got us here pay that debt !!! HEHEHE they cant… thats what… they are the ones that are going to melt down… and let them…MAKE THE ones that caused this… pay for their mistakes…

  20. Green Leafy Man

    That's why Labor Unions are important.

  21. Don't worry millionaires and billionaires, Republicans are winning elections again, these pesky workers will be put in their place soon. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  22. Stuart Soll

    Corporate America has had their hay day for far too long. The American dream has been gone for decades. We want our country back. That country is the land of opportunity. A strong middle class. A country where the rich pay their fair share. Workers need to be paid right and treated with respect. We need to Blue Wave from now on. If we don't, the Republicans will continue to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Not to mention that they will send us right back to Afghanistan. They continue to ruin the environment. The middle class will continue to shrink. Jobs will continue to move to Mexico.

  23. Tyler Charnelle

    Now is the time for us to stand together and demand more! Including changing the traditional work week to LESS than 40 hours!! No more working Monday-Friday we deserve 3 days off!

  24. Lightstar105

    We the people don't get enough compensation when we work. We're forced to work harder and harder and forced to compete against machines. Machines that are replacing our jobs and making us more expendable.

    During this whole time the companies only get richer and richer. Workers don't get paid more instead we get payed as low as possible.

    Companies only get more and more powerful. No new companies come along and when they do they struggle to succeed. They only really succeed when they already have a lot of money at the start.

  25. Bella T844

    People are just lazy. Plain and simple. I average 55-70 hours a week. I’m glad people don’t want to work. Just let’s us working people have more hours.

  26. Roger Rabbit

    Listen to these people spin this. "It's because of covid!"
    Nah. It's because these BS jobs treat people bad, pay people worse and are trash. Quit justifying corporate greed, ya corrupt hoes.

  27. Cathy Nguyen

    America is too customer driven. What use to be 9-5 jobs eventually turned 24 hours to cater to customers need resulting in business not being properly staffed and overworked employees with no personal time. Priority should be self then work. Cant work if you're not alive.

  28. They're not mentioning the people have gone into business for themselves to make money 💰

  29. Lisa LeMaster

    If there is one thing that COVID has taught us it is that life is short. Find what career you are passionate about and do that!

  30. Chuck Hockey

    People are tired of the bs. My sister had a college degree in marketing and only got $12 an hour. Her boss was a sociopath.

  31. Michael Rowe

    To all the employers out there quit making promises you can't keep. I know I can't trust y'all.

  32. Stephen Rogers

    People want the freedom of working for themselves.

  33. Linda Materi

    People are sick of being overworked, underpaid, understaffed, unappreciated, micromanaged and working in toxic work environments with horrible supervisors, coworkers, customers and conditions. it’s not worth it. Especially when there’s other ways to make money without half the stress, Especially if you’re young, healthy, willing to learn and know your worth. Credit Backdoors will give you what fits your worth financially

  34. Luis Villegas

    Lol as if the companies care 😂that just means new healthy workers will take those jobs that gets rid of the old no worth the money people so I say they shouldn’t care about them just makes it cheaper if they don’t

  35. hecatomb

    "get vaccinated or you cant work." Employees, "Ok bye."

  36. Midcentury Modern

    Call me crazy, but I think this virus was, in a strange way, a good thing. It opened people's eyes. You don't need that commute, you don't need to put 15,000 miles on your car every year plus fuel and maintenance, you don't need to sit in at those boring meetings in person, you don't need to "put in the hours" because the boss is watching, and many other positive things. Not having to commute alone has improved my quality of life tremendously!

  37. CarriUSA

    Your forgetting the vaccine mandate ….that is a huge problem!

  38. Leggs013

    Don't Work at Walmart!!!
    Worse place I have ever Worked at!!!!!!

  39. Danielle Diakoff-King

    It’s so expensive to run a small business. Owners literally skip their own paychecks to pay bills all the time. Everything will skyrocket in price to pay for all the bonuses and higher wages. You won’t be able to even afford bread with your new higher paycheck.

  40. Master Jedi

    I just got a write up and we're short staffed. My Call center has 30 cubes and 7 employees. Boss told me one more and I'm suspended. I threw in my 2 weeks notice. Boss comes to me and tells me she wouldn't suspend me. I told her that I hate this job and rather take a pay cut from $14.50 just for peace of mind.