Mine Bitcoin on a Cheap USB Stick


Mine Bitcoin on a Cheap USB Stick

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This video is no shape or form financial advice, it is strictly intended for entertainment purposes only.


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  1. Earn up to $250 in a bitcoin bonus here: https://blockfi.com/biaheza

    Also plis contribute to the clout void by scrolling back up to gently caress the like button

  2. what if i said bullshit you will never mine a single fucking thing with that

  3. Thanks for saving my $.

  4. Those cute little fans 😂

  5. Mannnn stop playing with me whattt

  6. 🔌 Thanks so much for helping me manage my account and get me $10,000💱

  7. I have 10) antminer17s in the basement

  8. Okay ✅ I ❤️ love your honesty! You told the truth! See What Youtubers and creators don’t wanna seem like they got spooked like they got bamboozled spending $1400 to make $.41 or something like that a day! You were dead honest and you didn’t sell a broken promise or a dream! Thank you!

  9. Don’t buy it. This will become obsolete in a couple of months.

  10. Can these not be used to mine other coins that are actually profitable?

  11. I got my sack waxed last week and a guy was on phone sounded just like you.. did you go salon last week?

  12. What is ur laptop cause i need money so I’ll make what you make

  13. Just checked ur sub count, congrats on 1million mannn!!!

  14. Does this actually work? Has anyone tried it?

  15. 97.7% done. Glod bless

  16. Cool video, like always. Keep it up!
    Quite fun btw how so many money for free makers are for sale…

  17. How much dollar one day 🧐

  18. Still it working 🧐


  20. Thanks for being straight!

  21. Bro u scam people always click bait and way over exaggerated on how much u make

  22. i have a 1070 and it only makes a dollar a day how does his laptop make more is it just betterv because its razor or an i do something wrong

  23. Dude I tried the overclock it heated and blow up DUDE

  24. I like this guys videoing style

  25. Like this guys videoing style

  26. 1800$ in 30 yrs. Yeah..

  27. Cultur Vulture vibes .

  28. Which language or education u learned? Plz tell me

  29. Alot of us lost our money

  30. that meme in between of disgusting dj Khalid is unfavorable, not subscribing anymore.

  31. Words can't express the gratitude I feel when I
    think about what you have done I'll just
    say thanks for the coins

  32. 4buck per m0nt like this.. XD juyt buy one old rx580 instead XDDDd get 1dolar per day.. my lord..

  33. I fukk wit ur channel learned a lot

  34. This brings about 10 cents a day, ouch.

  35. Usb minners are the biggest waste of money I've ever seen lol.

  36. the dislike button doesnt work

  37. Saw one of these for sale, it’s a scam. It’s got a high amount of hash power, but that’s for server-strain testing, it mines about 50 cents per day. Trust me, and the hundreds of other people who say the same about it on Amazon.

  38. Looked crappy . Thanks for testing this storm devil. 🤣

  39. Could you mine something better and cash out more profitable?

  40. My head hurts. I wish I was born 25 years later.

  41. School computers here i come

  42. You could…. HA…. NEXT!