MobileMiner: Cryptocurrency mining on iPhone! [9to5Mac]


Mining cryptocurrency on iPhone is possible with MobileMiner. Please read our full hands-on for more details and instructions before trying this yourself. Works with cpu friendly CryptoNote coins like Electroneum, Monero and others. In this example I mine electroneum with MobileMiner.

MobileMiner GitHub:

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## FCPX Plugins by MotionVFX: ##

## Favorite apps:
LumaFusion (iOS):
Final Cut Pro X (Mac):
Pixelmator (Mac):
Affinity Designer (Mac):
Affinity Photo (Mac):
Affinity Photo (iPad):
Filmic Pro (iOS):
Ferrite (iOS):
Ulysses (iOS):
Ulysses (Mac):

## Favorite gear:
Panasonic GH5:
Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8:
10.5-inch iPad Pro:
Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard:

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Responses (37)

  1. Omg like where my cash went from wallet

  2. the download link on the repo don't work, and i can't get the ipa file, does someone know how to compile the files?

  3. can you do this with windows pc or is it just mac only?

  4. Can I just download the ipa from my phone?

  5. Thanks for helping me get mine done very perfectly,He's legit,active and fast.👆Thanks for The $32,500 you're a genius🙏

  6. how do i install on my iPhone witjout a mac??

  7. Do I need an MacBook for this or can I just use my iPhone

  8. Can u do a update of that ? Mining ⛏ on IOS ?


  10. In few months or no time people will definitely be kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy or invest in cryptocurrency. Can my fellow investor's say HELLO.

  11. Invested $10,000 in Bitcoin and $5,000 in stock one month ago and received my profits today through the help of my broker
    … and here I am searching for the next stock and Cryptocurrency to invest in.

  12. Thank for your sharing. Ios mobile miner app how to withdraw currency and how to check mining reward .Please answer me .Thank you so mush

  13. It’s not worth , an iPhone ( same as video ) can just mining 16h/s , that means u have to mine for a super long time to get profits

  14. It’s electroneum not electornium.


  16. I want to drain my phone lol

  17. Anyone able to mine off their iphone currently? Curious what website you can download a ios iphone program just to test out.' Not sure if the government and/or Apple put the kabosh on being able to mine through iphones…

  18. If anyone wants to mine cryptocurrencies on their cell phone, I recommend the apps below, and go along with my invite code
    Pi Network: gubigelli
    Bee Network: gubigelli
    Midoin: gustavobigelli8545
    Sperax Play: t3n3oq

  19. is this profitable ?

  20. Is this still working?

  21. Hi, is there an update to this? does this still work in 2021? and if someone doesn’t have a mac how can he do it?

  22. thank you so much for your toturial

  23. Oops is abusing it also allowed? 😅😂

  24. can you make this video in 2021 ?

  25. The way you handled the project showed resilience, experience, knowledge, and critical thinking. thanks to your team we would love to get your perspective on our next project

  26. What about android

  27. I’m humble abs appreciate of all you’ve done for my son school bills this BTC goes a long way maunsehacks on Telegram you are the best forever

  28. I’m humble abs appreciate of all you’ve done for my son school bills this BTC goes a long way maunsehacks on Telegram you are the best forever

  29. Notice GTA V music..

  30. Where can download the app, I’m not app developer

  31. You know with android it's literally just a APK file that's it just download and open no signing in with a account to install something trivial lol

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  33. Hacker lord1000 on telegram is the best decision now he got 2btc me into my wallet instantly.

  34. Are you kidding me? I have to do that. And I have a question. Does that also works on NiceHash?

  35. Pi network : yepitsbear
    Bee network : yepitsbear

  36. how can you transfer your earnings or sell it