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  1. Is there a certain wallet to hold it in

  2. Cheapest card I found at the moment is 1.07 sol

  3. Millionaires will be made from Solape

  4. So as soon as I buy the card I’m eligible for airdrops?

  5. just bought one at 0.91. Will continue to buy under 1 Sol

  6. The only issue i see is it seems like they airdrop altcoins to random wallet adress, not every single wallet that holds the card, it means that if you’re really unlucky, you might get nothing (my case after 3/4 airdrops that they’ve already done)

  7. It’s at 1.1 currently

  8. Is the $9.99 a one time thing or is it monthly?

  9. I tried to mint this even before finding your channel got in yesterday bought 3 😝🚀

  10. Unfortunately 1+ SOL is the floor already now 🙁

  11. SOLAPE 1$ easy

  12. I bought another one ~!

  13. Do you think therell still be some listings under 1 SOL in mid January?