NBA Top Shot Cards Selling for $208,000?! Digital NFT Basketball Cards


Looking at the NBA Top Shot NFT Market for Digital Basketball Cards!
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The success of NBA Top Shot in the NFT art and collectables space has been absolutely wild to see. It’s currently the single largest NFT project and it’s generating $8,000,000 a day and more! Single cards are selling for over $200,000 and the frenzy to buy them doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing.

In this video I’ll talk about what NBA Top Shot is, how the packs and marketplace works, go over some of the biggest NBA Top Shot sales thus far, and also open up a pack live on the video! While I’m unsure if this sort of buying frenzy can sustain itself for too long, I do believe that NFT technology is changing the way we interact with digital items, and that’s crazy exciting for me.

Have any questions about what you’ve seen in the video? Feel free to leave a comment!

Intro – 0:00
NBA Top Shot’s Success – 1:21
Top Shot Marketplace and Cards – 1:59
Top Shot’s Biggest Sales So Far – 3:05
Buying Packs and Card Value – 5:17
Biggest Sales Continued – 6:53
Pack Opening – 8:08
Conclusion – 10:22

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Responses (24)

  1. …The nft basketball legends basketball game will be released on January 10th…do you have any thoughts on it? they are saying that the currency will go to the moon on the 10th… I will buy the BBL token through the pancakeswap…

  2. Who is getting paid? Dapper, the NBA & the NBA Players' Association are listed at the bottom of the Top Shots site, but does this mean these parties are in the smart contract therefore receiving a percentage of each resale? To me this is the true difference & value in NFTs & the blockchain in general.

  3. It's Cool KATs bc Karl Anthony Towns is known as KAT in the NBA & he sucks & plays on a team that sucks so those NFTs will be worthless.

  4. the digital cards sold on ebay. is that all legit

  5. Does this exist, but fotball goals insted?

  6. People who pay 200k $ for a 15 sec video are fucking imbeciles if you ask me. We give value to utter nonsense…

  7. Bro who is Kyle Irving? 😂

  8. Pero de qué sirve tener una jugada le "Lebron James"(lo uso como ejemplo) si entro a Youtube y ahí está completamente gratis?

  9. 0:35 “The primary difference is that anything you copy or screenshot simply won’t have any real value, where when it comes to the real NFTs on nba topshot, we’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars for top cards.” Do I own the rights to the clip in the NFT? Without anything physical, I’m confused about why this has more “real value” than just downloading clips? (From a long term nba card collector’s point of view, not a card dealer or flipping point of view.)

  10. Do they have NFTs for vintage plays/players?

  11. They took the NBA 2k My Team packs and turned it into real life products is crazy to me.

  12. people were so mad why they even buying all the nft's i really hate this nft thing. they just thinking them selves they are owning but in reality they are not artist is the one who created it belongs to artist more . and people respect the artist more than the mad rich guy who bought nft for million dollar even though he own it.

  13. Lovely . Thank you!

  14. Smh he said Kyle Irving smh

  15. Question: What about the people (fans) who appear in those shots, would they have the right to a legal claim regarding their image being sold? Just asking.

  16. So interesting. Had no idea this existed.

  17. Show us how to upload our art please

  18. it's so fascinating…I'm trying to pay my rent haha

  19. So if you buy with your friends all of them 40-50 cards, and then buy from each other at 5x the price to lift up the price until you sell all of them at really high price. :)))

  20. this is the calmest holy molly I've ever heard lol 10:07

  21. Topps is definitely getting into this as well. Check their linked in.

  22. I want UFC to release NFTs

  23. Great video Matt! -Garc