NEW 100X NFT Projects MINTING SOON! Do Not Miss This!


NEW 100X NFT Projects MINTING SOON! Do Not Miss This!

In this video we will be going over some projects that have caught my eye over the last few weeks, all of these projects in this video should do very well for you if you manage to get on the WL! I have now started rating projects on the DEGEN scale to determine which ones are going to be safe investments apposed to the more riskier projects!

Please remember to do your own advice, this is not financial advice, it is simply my opinion!

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1:35 – Tasty Bones:
3:54 – Interfaces:
6:17 – Dape:
8:58 – HAPE:
9:28 – Squiggles:

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Responses (14)

  1. Switched up the editing a little, let me know what you think!

  2. Why the hell are people ignoring OMI and the VeVe APP?

  3. Love the degen scale bro! And the tasty bones art is very nice

  4. Why every Youtuber think we want 100Xs? What about the longterm holds and community projects? -.-" They all fighting for the same market haha. Please take a look at The Abominable Bunch and Apocalyptic Apes when you get a second. Love your videos Liam but not everyone tryna 1000000X

  5. whens the mint date for dape?

  6. DAPE is going to the moon

  7. I see 3D META is pretty strong right now

  8. Check out the Future Turtles project. Looks like a cool project that is still in the early stages.

  9. Real time trading videos are always great. Seeing someone walk the walk is always good.

  10. I'm hyped for interfaces! I think you should have also included Cartoon Cartel on this list though

  11. love the "Degen to Blue Chip" scale lol

  12. Are all of them on Ethereum?

  13. U missed mutant shiba club

  14. U missed mutant shiba club