New Head Of Marketing! Hoge On Coin Sniper + Texas Legitimizes Crypto! $Hoge Finance Updates / News


Bullish news to go over for Hoge! $Hoge is now listed on Coin Sniper! The erc20 token ranks 2nd on social analytics website LunarCRUSH! We now have a new head of marketing for Hoge Finance, Hayden Matthews! He has years of experience in marketing, and will help take Hoge to the next level! Texas provides safekeeping services, legitimizing cryptocurrency! Tommy Smokes wants price to go up? Finally, the daily burn. Enjoy!

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Texas Article:

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  1. Awesome content, helping me keep up with my $HOGE news! Thank you.

  2. Awesome video man, really putting on for the $HOGE squad , keep doing you

  3. A lot of news about hoge . But yet the price keeps dropping and dropping . Starting to think I made a mistake buying this shit . I know it’s new. But come on some up word movement would be nice . A lot of people bullishish on this but price is tanking . Gusse hold and see what the years bring this . Hope it can pull a doge kinda price action.

  4. Wait. Where has J Rocko gone?

  5. love your videos! hoge is the way!!

  6. Wow. Diamond hands and down. Buy the dip?

  7. What is hoge lol, Kishu is gonna pass hoge

  8. Its crashing lol

  9. Hey, I love Bitmart! This would be an excellent listing, and it has a lot of volume

  10. Don't forget to share these videos, and like Hoge related comments. Let's get that exposure out there, it takes all of us. Let's get our coin out there.

  11. Great news out of Texas!! Thanks for the updates CC

  12. HODLing my HOGE til we hit $1.00 and beyond. People are going to regret not buying enough HOGE. 🚀🚀🚀

  13. These video's are amazing thanks for the hard work!

  14. Great video again!

  15. I'm HOGING my 2.9 million and My wife just bought the dip for $500 worth of HOGE 2.6 million.

  16. Nice video as always

  17. As many big exchanges we can get HOGE on them, Neil be great fir HOGE in the long term and volume we need.

  18. Thanks Crypto Camel for another awesome video. Don't forget to subscribe Hoge Hodlers.

  19. Sounds like we will have more efficient marketing… very cool 😎

  20. HOGE to the moon! just HODL my friends

  21. KEBAB – BNB LP is now part of PrivacySwap's newest Vault features that assure boosted revenue.

  22. Just bought another million HOGE for $175 (saving this comment for a HOGE time capsule to revisit in 5 years)

  23. CryptoCamel is my new favourite animal

  24. Yes to hoge on bitmart

  25. all 64k holders need to buy on 1200$

  26. Bullish news again! Hoge moving to the upside!

  27. We need to get more traction dangit

  28. 63,000 holders. We should have 63,000 subscribers for this channel. CryptoCamel! This is a community based coin. Let's all chip in!!!