NEW SHOCKING TRANSFERS IN FOOTBALL! Lewandowski to Chelsea, Mbappe to Real, Sanches to Barcelona?


NEW SHOCKING TRANSFERS IN FOOTBALL! Lewandowski to Chelsea, Mbappe to Real, Sanches to Barcelona?


Lille midfielder Renato Sanches may continue his career at Barcelona. The Catalan club will try to bolster the midfield if the exchange between Antoine Griezmann and Saul Niguez from Atlético doesn’t take place, reports As. Sanches is one of the boost options for Barça. Renato’s agent Jorge Mendes could be a mediator and arrange the loan with a buyout option.

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail confirms Chelsea’s interest in Lewandowski’s candidacy. Bayern is very dear to their footballer, but Robert is now 32 years old, his contract expires in 2023, and the Bavarians are not used to losing money. Lewandowski can be sold to another club for a “reasonable” price. The representatives of the reigning champions of Germany are ready to sit down at the negotiating table with Chelsea to discuss the future fate of the striker. Meanwhile, Chelsea, losing hope of signing Erling Haaland, see the Polish striker as a perfect alternative for the upcoming seasons. According to Sky Sports, Londoners are willing to pay about 60 million euros for Lewandowski … Will this offer satisfy Bayern’s appetites? ..

L’Équipe; Julien Laurens

Breaking news from L’Equipe, as REAL WAS RECENTLY LINKED with PSG regarding the possible transfer of Kylian Mbappé. Madrid understands that this will be a long saga and is not hastened to provide an official proposal yet. At the same time, ESPN journalist Julien Laurens reports that Mbappe is impressed with the transfers of Paris and is ready to continue negotiations on a new contract. Kylian is confident of Pochettino being able to achieve great results with the team. Moreover, PSG management assured Mbappé that these are not all summer purchases. Perhaps Paul Pogba is on its way? .. Now the Kylian Mbappe saga has become a little more interesting to monitor, don’t you agree? ..

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  1. Ronaldo is better than messi

  2. Always l Loved you Robert Lewandowski all the times l will touch kids you Robert Lewandowski God bless you mores Forever

  3. I will want to see mbappe at real Madrid

  4. Lewandowski only will go to Real Madrid hes not interested in chelsea, Real only had 4 first team players and they barely played last season

  5. Renato sanches is a absolute monster

  6. Mbappe to Liverpool

  7. Don't fool people its bot good

  8. AC MIlan Mpepe!

  9. I would like to see Mbappe in PSG next season, but i do not want him to go for free at another club !

  10. Mbappe I want to move to chealsea

  11. mbappe should go liverpool salah mbappe and mane it will become strongest team in world

  12. Pls until Messi has been transferred….it's better u don't say Messi is in psg,mancity, I really need an authentic news though is in free transfer according to what u said…it's really aches me as Messi wants to go

  13. May Chelsea sign Robert ❤

  14. Most shocking transfers? Most of those clickbait transfers are not even rumors just straight up bs. Altough I liked your content your clickbaiting is getting rediculous..

  15. Kylan Mbappe would be in psg

  16. Why is there no video today 😡😡

  17. I would like to see mbappe at liverpool

  18. Make a one video without Barcelona and Messi😂🇦🇷

  19. Lewandoski to chealsea naaa

  20. Mpappe to real Madrid😎😎😎

  21. How does laporta extend messis contract with less than half of his previous salary with the"we don't have money" excuse but still buys players

  22. I dont understand how Manchester kept a grip on Pogba for so long.


  24. Riqui Puig need to grow some balls and go to another club.

  25. haha its always full of not happened or not happening news nowadays.

  26. Frist they say Messi signed a 5 year deal with Fc Barcelona then they say Messi is going to PSG

  27. Mrs Grealish have her name on the back of a United jersey. Maybe Grealish will go to United

  28. Mbappe must stay at PSG!

  29. Why is Dembele still at Barça while Griezman is to be sold.. Suck

  30. MBAPPE to LFC … not likely but I wish for this…

  31. The fook are real getting money for mbappe for 😂 fools you lot. They will wait till he is free next year 🤦‍♂️

  32. Colombia is coming for Argentina in the WC… Watch out Emiliano!

  33. Mbappe will stay real is not suitable for mbappe

  34. Man don't post fake news it kills us

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