New York Daily News Is World's Worst In Sports


Keith Olbermann documents the worst persons in the sports world.

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Responses (12)

  1. Ugh…. that was a terrible news head line.

  2. This guy is a piece of garbage.

  3. Is New York so big that it has to have two shitty newspapers?

  4. NY Daily news can kiss my ass.

  5. What almost makes this even worse, I just saw on their page about this very video calling Olbermann a hypocrite. So, they're not apologising, they're trying to say "Well everyone else was jumping off the cliff, we did too" and not getting that what they did was beyond bad journalism, it was flat out wrong on every front and if they don't apologise soon they deserve to catch on fire.

  6. New York Daily News should go out of print for putting that out #SoWrong  😉

  7. This is similar to what The Sun (a newspaper in England) did after the Hillsborough Disaster. Disgusting….

  8. NYDN needs to write one whole long apology. Disgraceful.  

  9. but…keith, you don't look 55.  more like 35.

  10. Wow. I hope everyone working at the NY Daily News gets nutsack cancer.

  11. Pretty sad state of affairs when the New York Post actually out-classes (and is somehow more dignified than) the Daily News in some way…don't get me wrong, they're both rags I wouldn't wrap presents in; but still…

  12. Wow, Daily News screwed up there…