New York Giants | Toney shines | Jones, Saquon & Golladay hurt | What is the direction of this team?


New York Giants | Kadarius Toney shines | Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley & Kenny Golladay hurt | What is the direction of this team? Joe Judge and Dave Gettleman so far this year have not gotten the job done. The Giants could be looking at a complete rebuild next year if things dont turn around quick.


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  1. 2 home games are up. Hopefully this group will bring home both game's. Today we are going to show how good we are… bring on the Rams….thanks for sharing.

  2. In the media Gettleman has been getting more slack lately and I don't like it. He promised hog mollies, lost our 2 best OL in Pugh and Richburg. Then immediately misses on top OL FAs and then gives Solder top money. Then he gets Barkley when we're not ready to win. And then he drafts DJ who I like but didn't EVERYONE like Herbert better? Even the organization itself wanted Herbert. With eli still on the roster why not just wait one year and hope to get Herbert? Then he trades picks to move up to draft the CB that would sleep in team meetings and showed those red flags in college. Now he signs Galloday a receiver that has a long injury history instead of getting a OL. I liked the adoree signing, bradberry, Martinez, but soon many other moves not only didnt workout but it should have been foreseeable for a gm.

  3. I have listened to you Tainah for a very long time and I have to be honest. The take on factoring in moving off of Daniel Jones for sustaining a concussion and an injury here and there is probably your worst take since I have followed you which has been for over 2 years. He is literally the only player on the field who at least looks like he cares about winning a football game. I also do not understand how Dave Gettleman is getting all the blame for this season. The coaching staff chose not to start Kadarius Toney. The coaching staff chose not to start Matt Peart. The eagles who can’t complete 50% of their passes on offense can still go out and score 30 points week in and week out. This season is a result of miserable miserable coaching. There is no other explanation for anything! You take all of these players on the Giants roster from top to bottom and insert them with a Sean McVay, Matt Rhule, John Harabough, Bill Bellichick, Bruce Arians, even Mike McCarthy this team looks completely different. The young emerging talent is literally being suffocated by horrible coaching that refuses to play to a single players strengths. Idk man I agree with you in that these are dark times and that we have no right to even fathom the thought of winning a game. Personally I think we get slapped by the Lions if we were to play them because even if every player plays flawlessly (Daniel Jones) we still lose. It is inconceivable to me that Jalen Hurts can complete ~55% of passes and be competitive in games. The Giants need to do everything in their power to go out and hire a coach who understands how football works at the NFL level in 2021 or at least a competent coordinator. Much love.

  4. NO DOUBT IN MY MIND JONES IS A CERY GOOD QB, is 1 Line and System away from being a GREAT QB! His yearly injury status is my biggest concern!!!! IF WE STAY WITH HIM LONGTERM, 💯% THE GIANTS NEED TO HAVE THE BEST QB2/Backup going forward! To me that’s a no brainer!!! Use a 3rd Round pick for a good QB, or sign a good QB for 2 years, every 2 years! A Teddy B, Jimmy G, Ryan Tan (prior to him being QB1), Winston.. etc. Former round 1 QB in year 5-8. That’s who I’m going after, a somewhat young guy who has started multiple years in NFL. Marcus Mariotta another example of what we need IF WE KEEP JONES! I think DJ has ability to be a TOP 10 guy in this league if he continues to be smart etc… MISSING A REAL LINE, and maybe the playbook is not made for his ability? Not sure⁉️ I think JONES IS OUR MVP WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!
    Toney could be our next OBJ, BUT CAN NOOOOOOOOT BE A MENTAL HEADCASE LIKE OBJ. Passion is different than a distraction! We need a guy who has a TOUGH “EDGE”, but not a guy who will be penalized or even targeted by Refs because he’s not liked. I HATED THE SOCIAL MEDIA THING MORE THAN THE PUNCH CHRIS!🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Only once have the Giants been blown out since the Joe Judge rebuild program came in. That's the indicator at this point. Fewer penalties, fewer turnovers, keeping games close. Stay the course – we are on the right track!

  6. Used to be a rabid Giants fan. I completely don't care anymore. The woke attitude of the NFL has a lot to do with it as well.

  7. You have to blow this 🗑 up. U got players getting playing time just bc they are overpaid. Organization is trash af. If i see joe judge or gettleman next season. Bye bye sunday ticket. Aint worth seeing that filth

  8. Respect to the Entertainah..
    You gotta call a spade a spade..
    I said it all summer .. Low expectations for us this season.
    We got hyped because of the moves in the off season however.. this is rebuild time.
    Expect at least 4-5 wins this year.
    Joe Judge is growing on me..
    But Dave Gett.. not so much
    Gotta have patience..
    It just is what it is..
    Even if we had a healthy roster.. we would've lost to Dallas..🧐🧐🧐

  9. i have said from the beginning that gettleman needs to stay and given the salary cap situation you cant hire a better GM as he wouldnt want to come anyway i think they need to stay with the current coaching and GM and use those draft picks from the bears trade and try to build for at least the next 1-2 years when those in hindsight bold FA moves are more palatable to cut problem is they really need to see barkley and jones for extended playing time to see if they really are core pieces or not and with the OL injuries and yet more injuries to both of them on top of that evaluating them properly its all but impossible and that spending is going to force players off the team they want around strictly due to the state of the cap after that spree this past offseason this will now be the second time mara's comments have pushed GM's to try and move forward too fast with a roster that wasnt ready i never liked those win or else comments at the end of last season as this is the result as it was in 2016 people need to acknowledge mara's unhelpful role in the giants predicament not look to quick fix with new GM and/or coaching changes

  10. Well Matt Peart looked good again

  11. skill wise, at least on paper we really arent far off…it just needs to turn into production. The fact that we cant get wins with this set of skill players is beyond me. Has to be something with the coaches, GMs and owners. DG has gotten us enough pieces to compete yet we dont. At the same time he constantly contradicts himself. He talks about stopping the run, pass rush and establishing the run. All things we suck at. Mind you i dont hate DG… How are we 8th in passing but bottom 3 in every other category?? Jones is proving he's a franchise Qb, thomas is a franchise LT, saquon is saquon but how can we pay him when he's never fully healthy (and im a PSU alum smh) Defense needs to get WAY better. Its just what do we do???? we're paying money to players who are barely making an impact…WE NEED CHANGE! ugh idkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  12. You know where it’s going, down the toilet for 8 years!

  13. The Matt Peart situation has been a head scratcher. He came out in a strong tackle class and was rated the #5 tackle by many people after Thomas, Becton, Wirfs and Wills. The coaching staff keeps saying they need to get him more reps but he barely played in preseason. I kind of understand last year as you didn't want to have three rookies and a first time center starting the beginning of the year but at some point let's see what you have. We just need him to be average on the right side right now.

  14. We have crazy injuries every year. No one has noticed that but me. I can remember dating back to when Odell Beckham Jr started playing for the Giants and we thought him and Victor Cruz was going to do damage but Victor Cruz was injured and since then all we've had was injury after injury and never a full healthy team but yet we win just enough games to get draft picks where we miss the people that we actually want and need

  15. Year after year poor draft strategy

  16. Hey Gettleman, go get Elijiah Sullivan off of KC's practice squad. He can start over Tae Crowder right now. I'll do your damn job for you. Thank you.

  17. On Jones Injury play Rudolph was wide open he literally just had to pitch it forward for a easy td


  19. These better not save Gm gentleman just because everyone is hurt. Dont forget under gentleman the giants never had a wining record not once not week one or week 7 or week 17 never

  20. This fucking sucks so hard. I mean it was already bad and i didn't think it could get worse some how it did. Its like bags on our heads bad.

  21. I think talking about Blowing it up is a bit of an overreaction. Look at the horrendous season the cowboys had last year and look at them now. There were talks about getting rid of cooper and several others. Specially since we have 2 top picks coming up. I think we keep what works and get rid of what we thought was gonna work but not blow everything up. Most the players are still young and developing.

  22. I used to have respect for Mr. Mara because I actually thought he truly cared about this franchise.

    This league moves very very quickly and has changed into something way different from the Days of the Great Wellington Mara.

    Man I Wish God would show Mr. Mara the way and would truly hire young coordinators and get rid of these imposters who are now here (JJ, JG, DG) .

    This hurts every True Giant Fan to the Core.

  23. Every O line is awful..Watch all the good teams.. the QBs run around all day..our D line is brutal we have 5 nose guards as edge rushers.this is our 87 year old GM other teams offense it’s different.

  24. Barkley can't stay on the field . Time for him to go

  25. Man for the first time I feel doom for this season. Hopefully the team can rally but the offensive injuries and my defense (which is dying) 😪 couldn't even get pass the first couple minutes (when I saw how the defense was playn) I HATE THE COW-PATTIES! and they beat the breaks off us! Knicks, DAWGS and Braves(yeah I know sorry Chris👀) still rooting for em to play hard but expectations have dropped big time until someone finds my DEFENSE 👀🥃😡

  26. I mentioned this in your maybe 3rd live stream ago with Baddog and I asked you guys do you think Judge lost the locker room now it's a FACT that he doesn't have the locker room whatsoever…I personally wanted to see if DJ was going to be our franchise QB moving forward and I think he is…I still to this day hated the extension of LEO…I said repeatedly just tag the guy so he can prove he will have another great season like he had last season, but of course DG the moron he is extends him with a shitload of money..we should have kept DT he is a pure run-stuffer next to Dex…our secondary gets a lot of hate and I'm not understanding it we have absolutely no pass rush whatsoever with the exception of Azeez…I think once Elerson comes off the IR he should start opposite side of Azeez and release Zo Carter <– another team will 100% no sign him guaranteed…I would like the Giants to FIRE DG NOW so we can start interviewing our future GM not named Riddick…once a new regime comes in I really see us cheating the dead cap of Leo and sending him to another team for future draft capital…we need to seriously stop signing players with a history of injuries I genuinely feel like DG and Brian Cashman are in bed together we have the talent like the Yankees but the players that were put together suck as a team lastly Joe Judge isn't it. He needs to go immediately. If he was going to bitch at KT he should have bitched at Leo for his stupid 15 yarder after the whistle penalty.

  27. Is there a way to track in ranking order, the least often injured teams through to the most often injured?