New York Times slams tennis star Djokovic over vaccination status


Fox News contributor Will Cain on a New York Times op-ed calling tennis star Novak Djokovic an ‘anti-vaxxer.’ #FoxNews

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Responses (48)

  1. Kathleen Cook

    He told lies on his visa.
    Hr is a non citizen.
    He needs to abide by the laws of Australia.

  2. Khairanee Kammal

    If I am on the same level of fitness as Novak , I'm certainly not having this poison in me

  3. Maureen Peterson

    Regardless of Australia's government's choice here, the Tennis Australia body is to blame. He applied for his Visa based on all the information they provided . During his flights someone high in office decided to make a show of tyranny and subject Novak to this onslaught.
    Never has a visiting sports champion been treated like this before.
    It only shows how our government has truly lost the plot. Elite sports people care for their bodies health much more than the average person.
    In the end if he doesn't get to play the winner of the tournament wont be considered the winner, he will be a default. Would you want that trophy?
    If his Visa is revoked Novak cannot enter Australia for three years. Does that seem fair to any one because he has natural antibodies? For a so called virus that is now just a mild flu

  4. janko pandza

    During a vaccination session:

    Patient: Does it guarantee immunity ?

    Doctor: Only for the manufacturers.

  5. Sladjana Niksic

    Shame for Australian Government and immigration officials!!! Shame for majority of tennis players not to stand by their fellow tennis player: what has happened to majority of you??? Are you praying on Novak’s deportation so you can raise the chances of winning??? Where is your sense of tennis dignity and integrity? Instead of quitting Australian Great Grand Slam and refusing to play, you would pray on Novak’s ill fate with obviously fascistic Australian Government! This could have happened to each of! How can you call yourselves worthy of any tennis recognition???How could you continue living and still be playing tennis after this unspeakable scandal induced by “higher” and exceptionally manipulative scandal that is everything but tennis and so called “pandemic’ related???

  6. gabriel arendse

    They basically want to ban this guy for being alive and healthy. He just proves that a good natural immune system works!

  7. Nelleke 🎭

    Let AUSTRALIA do THEIR thing‼️‼️‼️ DEPORT Djokovic ‼️🙄

  8. Nelleke 🎭

    DEPORT Djokovic ASAP ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️🥱🙄

  9. Kim Fletcher

    We have to keep him in our prayers ❤️🇱🇷

  10. The truth hurts Thrush prevails

    Our politicians and MO are a joke. They strongly believed in vaccine and boosters for all their citizens yet they don’t believe in science about natural immunity.
    This is no longer about health , it is about control and tyranny government.
    The inconsistencies, incompetence and power hunger of our politicians are an embarrassment all over the world. Using him as an escape goat is unacceptable.
    Novak is not an anti vax, he is fighting for his freedom of choice. Good to hear that someone is speaking up and fighting against our government for other people who can’t.

  11. Michael Blythe

    The tide is turning here on the UK , Johnson will resign soon a scapegoat for the torturous lockdowns and covid policies , the virus has been mild for some time the hospitalisation and deaths have been pretty constant since May 2021 even though cases the last few weeks have been astronomical you’d expect more strain on the hospitals from cold or flu in normal times it’s all over folks until they want to scare us with the next virus or other bollocks like an stack on the internet wiping out all your bank accounts and assets

  12. stephen maye

    Gnu yuck time$ $uck$

  13. Sanja Kosanović

    Someone wrote: A person bound in chains sees a man walking around free. He doesn't ask "why I'm not free", he asks "why does that man not in chains like me".
    Wake up, brain-washed Australians! VACCINATION DO NOT PREVENT THE SPREAD OF THE VIRUS, but severe illness and hospitalization.
    SUPPORT for NOVAK!!!

  14. Joanna Kuchta

    Novak we support you❤️❤️❤️…stay focus…stay focus…

  15. Marko Jovanovac

    It's not mandatory ..Supreme court ruling

  16. He tried to get a medical exemption by lying that he had had covid in December. Then, when journalists found no record of his covid diagnosis, he produced a doctor’s note and “updated” his medical record. Then, when journalists found pictures of him maskless, meeting with schoolchildren after his “diagnosis,” he said he didn’t know he was positive yet. Then, when journalists pointed out he had met with them after the date he claimed he got his diagnosis, having told them he was negative, he finally ran out of lies, shrugged, and said “oops.” Pathological liar and entitled jackass.

  17. Thank you, Novak! True Hero <3

  18. Wen Gelder

    What this idiot I saying that exceptions have to be made based on the person. Try that in the USA …. Fox News … nuts

  19. Wen Gelder

    Oor reporting …

  20. Dragan Ignjatovic


  21. Lim Robert

    Djokovic believes that he is above the Australian Immigration Law. He is a simply anti-vaccine bloke.

  22. Rickey Nancarrow

    G.O.A.T Djokovic is awake to the agenda being pushed and will not consent!

  23. Djordje Djordje Djovani

    We all know that what they are doing for the man is imposed on the people of the whole WORLD. Nole did the right thing to do everything they asked of him. But this turned into politics. freedom.Vaccines why why it can transmit the virus can get it can and die.What is the benefit of a vaccine that has not been tested other than harm.

  24. Sal Allen

    He lied on his paper work twice 83 per cent of Aussies agree with the decision.

  25. Dawn John

    So every one must take his word that he DID have COVID. Where's the proof of that? This is not about being vaxxed. The almighty dollar talks.!

  26. Vivian Oosthuizen

    The immigration minister gave this reason. Him staying in the country will fuel the antivax groups. Meanwhile Australia is 90% vaccinated hence it’s Biden most probably pushing Australia to do this

  27. the citizens of australia are kidnapped. The Tv media only broadcast lies about the truth, making a healthy athlete guilty who has posted the truth of the situation on his twitter wall. It is painful to see an information professional mak biased judgments by virtue of who pays him. Tv sick and has fallen to the bottom in a society that is collapsing, lacking democratic values because of the designs of the powerful.

  28. HannuKaleviElo

    Unvaccinated is set to lose if they does not get jabbed! So what!? Follow the rules and regulations! Thats it!

  29. James Davies

    The Australian government now considers Djokovic is a threat or "risk" to Australians' HEALTH!!!! LMAO! It's quite telling the Aussie immigration minister Hawke chose to use his arbitrary God-like powers under section 116 (1) e (i)…of 133C of the Migration Act 1958 which is solely used for "public interest", "good order" and " health" grounds where an individual poses a threat or "risk" to the Australian public. Wow! Hawke said “Today I exercised my power under section 133C(3) of the Migration Act to cancel the visa held by Mr Novak Djokovic on health and good order grounds, on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so."

    MIGRATION ACT 1958 – SECT 116
    Power to cancel
    (e) the presence of its holder in Australia is or may be, or would or might be, a risk to:

    (i) the health, safety or good order of the Australian community or a segment of the Australian community;

    As noted by academic Mary Crock ‘the Act gives the minister “God-like powers” to cancel visas and if “they really decide to … the power is there”’.

    Subsection 133C(3) allows the Minister to cancel a visa if satisfied that it would be in the public interest to do so, without giving the visa holder the opportunity to establish that the ground for cancellation does not exist (though the Minister is still required to invite the visa holder to make representations in accordance with subsection 133F(3)). Where the Minister has chosen to proceed down this pathway, the procedures set out in Subdivisions E and F of the Act (subsection 133C(4)) and the rules of natural justice do not apply.

  30. Carlos Garcia Sanchez

    Funny thing he said i see my body as a temple like most americans. Are you serious right now? HAHAHAHA

  31. Josephine Jurgens

    Media stop your nonsense that is his choice I salute this man for standing up you want to come with man made rule why is the ceo from Phifer not vaccinated

  32. Yer man

    The Jessie Owens of tennis

  33. Milovan Matic

    Thank you Fox news. You are the voice of the truth.

  34. Rebecca Potestas

    Roger Federer still my most favourite tennis player

  35. Ilic Bojan

    When moral dwarves rule the world, then the tennis player becomes an "obstacle" and the greatest danger to humanity! Brainwashed and mainstream experiments work on the principle of "herd", hatred and malice have come to the fore …
    It's sad what the world has become … 🙂

  36. Adams Cease

    Guess what the law applies to everyone. If you don’t want to play by the rules you don’t get to play.

  37. James Hagin

    Nah stuff him i got to have both VAX just to take my kid to a theme park so he can get on a plane and go home

  38. Fred Johnson

    I can understand you mixing Australia and China up. Soon China will take over and kick out the convicts. 🤣🤣🤣

  39. Sarah Newton

    ‘I look at my body like a temple, like most Americans’ riiiiiiggggghtttt

  40. Anna Espinosa

    When in Rome, do what the romans do. 90% of us here in Aus are fully vaxed so if you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to be here. By all means, go to the US Open instead.

  41. Lying once on the entry form is one thing, not isolating when you know you are covid positive in Serbia, then somehow lying or paying of someone to get into Spain when you are not vaccinated. You cannot make a mistake 3 times and say oh sorry, they wre mistakes, and they happen. Once okay, but 3 times !!! If a country wants to protect their people, and you want to enter that country, you follow the rules. He has broken the law in 3 countries and thinks that because he can hit a tennis ball, and made millions for HIMSELF, he can get away with it.

  42. He's had covid how many times now?Only asking because his immune system is clearly doing its job!I'm not even sure I'm going to watch the Aussie open this year now.

  43. butcher bane

    Is Anyone crying for that new York Times journalist who died right after his second j@b?

  44. Melanie Paris

    I am ashamed to be an Australian🇦🇺Scott Morrison should stand down…

  45. Goudhaantje

    Australia is crazy gvt

  46. Propaganda.

  47. psmernos

    This was such a good report. Australia will continue to ignore the science and natural immunity and force vaccinate till they get 101% including unborn. Disgusting what corrupt governments and health officials are getting away with 🥴

  48. They slam joker over vaccination status yet don’t know why he chose said vaccination status…