Newcastle pushing to sign Diego Carlos | Good Morning Transfers


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Join us live for all the latest transfer news this morning as the panel discuss Newcastle’s pursuit of Diego Carlos, Arsenal’s plans this transfer window and the latest on Antonio Rüdiger’s future at Chelsea.

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Responses (20)

  1. Cedomir Cupovic

    Great Inferiority……GB

  2. Thursty

    I'm very surprised at how many Newcastle fans don't really know Diego Carlos. Quality CB. I remember we were linked to him as well at Liverpool. He can be a bit temperamental at times but other than that he's a good ball playing CB

  3. Paul S.

    Great signing for the magpies if they land Carlos. Sevillas best defender & can be compared to Thiago Silva🤙
    Was hoping Chelsea would sign them in case Rudiger left but 🤷‍♂️

  4. Rubber Dingy Rapids

    Raheem Sterling gota new barnet and doing the transfer show now?

  5. Rubber Dingy Rapids

    Raheem Sterling gota new barnet and doing the transfer show now?

  6. Sevilla won't sell him
    They depend alot on him

  7. Nav asi

    Skysports getting people who said sign someone.. lol wow never knew that . Why not name players they watched . Idiots

  8. Tunde Kamau

    Flex united be pulling bare dead superstars

  9. Marlon Danga

    Good mornig at 5pm

  10. Ryan Shaw

    What a signing diego carlos would be for Newcastle

  11. maggot drowner

    What is the obsession with random black women getting jobs in a man's world of football

  12. Muhammad AH

    10:52 it starts


    these presenters are rubbish cant u get better ones?

  14. facekickr

    Starts @ 11:00. Most importantly…why are that dudes pants so darn high up his calf? Does he not know those things don't fit him properly?

  15. sean Richards

    What a signing if they do


    Sooner, Top of the premier league will be-

    1. Man city
    2. Chelsea
    3. Liverpool
    4. Newcastle
    5. Leicester
    6. Tottenham
    7. Arsenal
    8. Westham
    9. My club, Manchester United. Because our owner will not spend money, when we have cancer to cure.

  17. Who Knew 22

    Where Arry

  18. Craig Waters

    This is awesome 😎

  19. Sam Samboi

    Sky why don't u pay salah wages then

  20. Geordie Dee

    Hopefully we can bring in Carlos and get Botman in the summer