NFL Coaching Carousel: Best fits for Dolphins, Bears, Vikings coaching jobs | CBS Sports HQ


NFL Insider Jonathan Jones joins CBS Sports HQ to break down the best fits for some of the league’s coaching vacancies.


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Responses (38)

  1. The Vikings job is by miles the most attractive. An extremely talented squad and that division won't have Aaron Rodgers.

  2. Everyone keeps mentioning how Flores was so successful against the patriots, Tom Brady was gone by this time. So its not like they beat the patriots at their best.

  3. Chicago should’ve never moved on from Trubiski.

  4. The Chicago Bears would do very well if they hire Louis A. Riddick as their next General Manager.

  5. My beard turned grey waiting for analysis here.

  6. "What happened in Miami is clearly … one of two things."

    He's not the best analyst in the game for nothing, people! 🤣

  7. Misleading title

  8. 3:40 who else was shocked Trubsky was 25-13 😂

  9. Nick Saban knew what the fuck he was doing 😂😂😂

  10. Good luck to Flores successor. 0-18 in 22-23 season. 😂😂

  11. New Coaches
    Raiders – NFL Network Andrew Siciliano
    Jags – Dabo Swinney
    Broncs – Eli Manning
    Vikes – Sasquatch
    Bears – some guy who knew Mike Ditka
    Fins – some white guy from Michigan
    G-Men – Adam Gase (heard he was offensive genius)
    Remember, you read it here first!

  12. A lot of salty Minnesota 🤡 SKOALTASTIC clowns I mean fans here 🤡

  13. Screw the idea of a minority must be interviewed before a coach can be chosen. Quit bending over for the brothers already. If you are a good coach you will get a job.

  14. I would definitely be rooting for them to hire brian flores ??? Second black coach would get the ship right ?? Culture would be different can say that??? As a die hard fan…it cant hurt to see what he can do and bring to this franchise…

  15. This jj is too bland to listen to….

  16. Jonathan Jones is tough to listen to honestly. No energy

  17. If Miami fixes oline tua will be fine.

  18. Flores is overrated

  19. Bears most appealing?!? You guys are nuts. The most appealing job is with Minnesota. Hands down

  20. I'm hoping Greg Roman gets a shot to coach the Chicago Bears

  21. Kellen Moore to Minnesota. He beat Minnesota with a backup quarterback. He can make steak out of hamburger.

  22. Being from Pittsburgh and a lifelong Steelers fan, we're spoiled by having such consistency with our coaches. I remember when Tomlin was hired, some people were scratching their heads but he's turned out to be a phenomenal coach.

  23. Todd Bowles should get another shot. Bowles did a really good job with the Jets, and has been a top defensive coordinator the past two years. Let's be honest, even Belichick would do bad on the Jets. Bowles did all he could with that roster.

  24. Oh so Justin Fields is cemented Francise QB now ? 😂 the shit Tua gets with more results is amazing

  25. Biased reporting.

  26. This guy knows nothing

  27. Should’ve never fired Lovie!!! Lol

  28. People make fun of dysfunctional organizations, like Detroit, Jets, Washington Jaguars, Giants, and Falcons exc, but what about the Dolphins? The GM has been there forever and the owner seems like an asshole.

  29. Minnesota it’s easy
    They have the best new stadium the best new practice facility a roster with a few tweaks that can win now
    Bears are more of a mess than people think. I hope from a human perspective that Fields does well, but he doesn’t look very good. One season I get it but I guess we’ll see

  30. Vikes is the best available job. We should be in the playoffs this year easily!

  31. Owners, want sb. Yesterday.

  32. Flores had two defining games in the last 2 years and his team failed horribly(56-26 against the Bills last year and 34-3 loss to the Titans this year) both games eliminating them from the playoffs.The Dolphins beat 2 decent teams this year , The Patriots and the Ravens and the rest of the schedule was fluff so 9-8 this year doesn’t seem so impressive.

  33. Jim Harbaugh we have a lot of young players

  34. Chicago would be a great fit for coach Flo✊🏾💯

  35. How are the bears the best spot????, They have horrific ownership