NFT के हो ? कसरि पैसा कमाउन सकिन्छ ? – NFT Explained In Nepali


In this video, you will learn what is NFT in Nepali? How people are earning money from NFT, what are various platforms to sell NFT, and the present status of NFT in Nepal? his video is only available in the Nepali Language.

Timestamp For NFT Video:
00:00 – 01:00: What is happening?
01:00 – 04:28: NFT Explained With Example In Nepali
04:28 – 06:36: How to Sell Non Fungible Tokens
06:36 – 10:35: Current Status & Conclusion

Watch What is Blockchain In Nepali:

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  1. NFT को बारेमा तपाइको विचार के छ ? Comment गर्नु होला

  2. Dai rdp or rcd ko barayma video chayou

  3. Actually, free ma upload garna mildaina. Afno art lai mint garda certain mint fee lagchha.

  4. Must be legal in nepal 🇳🇵 , I'm agree

  5. Wow 😳
    Awesome 👍😎

  6. Wow 😳
    Awesome 👍😎

  7. Wow 😳
    Awesome 👍😎

  8. Absolutely cryptos should be legal in Nepal too… let's raise our voice🔥🔥❤️❤️

  9. Subbed daaju keep up the awesome work

  10. Hajur kamaunu bhako xa ….

  11. Dherai ley bhujdainan and Bujne jati le garira xan soo ,lata ko desh ma gaada tandarii vyera basna khojya matrai ho😂

  12. dai hjrko computer ko barema jankari dinusns kati kati ko graphic card hard disk rakhnu vaxa

  13. crpto miners are responsible to track the record!! I believe that if a certain company can centralize enough miners then crypto too can be centralized eventually!!
    To earn from NFTs, one needs to have good creativity and skills and a handful of rich people that appreciates that!! Its not easy as it sounds!!Mostly NFTS are used in graphics production entities which has not flourished in Nepal!! At first internet facility must be easily accessible to everyone then we can think about this

  14. Yes bitcoin and all crypto is a very larger future thing

  15. अरु त त्यस्तै हो… Vaccine लायो की लाइए न।।।लायौ भने चिप लाउन पनि तयार भएर बस्नु।।। Digital enslave।। 2030 agenda।।।

  16. desh kaha kun thau ma cha vanne kura huncha ni bro sab digital vayera matra hunna ni ssab tira equal devlop hunu pracha

  17. kasari kamauna sakina