NFT Has hit a new low…


This video goes hard, feel free to rip .mp4 and reupload
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Responses (47)

  1. "..You can't even die right.." -Gay Lesbian idk

  2. i could win a billion dollars

  3. i love beet juice

  4. "I could really win a billion dollars"

  5. Animal Matrix 1/10, such a amazing NFT project….

  6. I still don’t understand NFTs

  7. Honestly, NFTs the tech is cool, but it’s another Case of People ruining things for other people

  8. I will buy the Keanu Reeves laugh on NFT gif or mp3 NFT.

  9. Man, I've been subd to pewds for years. Im ready to be scammed

  10. Bro I Think Keanu Is still the most greatest and wholesome actor ever

    Even if matrix resurrection was cringe
    And Bad

  11. So many people are starving and dying of hunger and all these a*sholes buying these lame NFT's for millions.

  12. Can anyone explain to me why is this guy has 111 million subscribers?
    nothing special in his channel

  13. A billion u say😈

  14. i was at christ party last week and i told people about my crypto and they laughed at my

    but they don't know about my NFT collections.

  15. hmm om du ger mig milionen först så skulle jag kunna bli medlem

  16. Same people that left this platform like gay taxi # are also promoters of NFTs.

  17. subed,liked now i am commenting. where is me million dollarz

  18. Wonder which wall of wall street wanna be commented saying "NFT IS A WAY OF CRYPTO YOU CAN BUY IT AND SELL IT FOR MORE 💵💵💵💵💵💸💸💸💸💸🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑"

  19. i saw in twitter some Etika NFTs and almost launched my world-class nuke on us…

  20. This sounds like san junipero black mirror episode 😑😬😓

  21. These videos are why I keep being subscribed

  22. Pewdiepie had a hair transplant?

  23. did I win a billion dollars

  24. For once, I agree with the most popular youtuber. What a wisdom.

  25. NFT's are jokes, the real money is in subscribing to pewdiepie.
    I can already taste the billion.

  26. ok so, NFT just looks like decentralized bookkeeping. might be a convenient way to simplify massive scale temporary licensing of works, or as wiki says, useful for video game assets that can be easily traded outside the game world without the game needing to build in a trading system. It doesnt transfer copyrights at all. The copyright owner must sign over the copyright to you, as well as the nft, making the nft redundant. I guess it could be useful to help tracking, but like i said, thats just a new bookkeeping tool. One of the actual useful parts of a legal system is that if someone steals the title for your car (the piece of paper) you can go to the courts and they will agree with you that the car is sill yours, and issue you a new title and revoke the stolen one.

  27. Like i said: I'd rather buy a copper-plated memebank NFTs from our country Malaysia rather than a "gigachad" machine bull** NFT trend with a 1 thousand dollar art

  28. I do think NFT has a lot of potential

  29. they still sell that chimpanzee like ice cream, yes, it sells in large quantities for ridiculously large amounts of money. I believe that the author of that monkey is a billionaire so far

  30. Pewdiepie is on fire lovin this guy

  31. It's a perfect tool for money laundering

  32. If I get the million I'm buying a house for my family. And replacing the old abandoned middle school with a homeless shelter and addictions counseling unit.

  33. Keanu Reeves is goatedd

  34. What if I use my original art and then use some of the funds for donation? Is it still bad?


  36. Wait till Pewdiepie learns that NFT gaming is a thing XD

  37. You can tell he's really mad about them using his likeness sorry pewds

  38. NFT = No Fucking Thanks

  39. NFTs are GREAT! I now have a safe way to get the ethereum I've made on the dark web from selling drugs to my bank account.