NFT Projects That Will EXPLODE This Year (Best NFTs To Buy In 2022)


Hey, 👋🏼 These are the NFT Projects That Will EXPLODE This Year (The Best NFTs To Buy In 2022). These are best nft projects to buy now, mixed with some nft tips for beginners so you can make money with nfts step by step.

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Responses (38)

  1. How do you not mention Invisible friends or Hape Beast?

  2. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  3. If the creator keeps on making same nft what do you think , people buy the old nfts

  4. give me more of this!?

  5. I must be idiot. Can't find how to register for NFT Labs Newsletter.

  6. You should really look into somehoodlums nft he has an amazon show and has done a ton of animations for rappers( Lil uzi, 21 savage, and the list goes on) It is also the first pfp art on flow.

  7. Ok I would love to invest in nft… but only millionaires can buy them… which is crazy because this is just starting to trend now… my question is I can’t afford no nft but can I buy a coin or etf that I can invest a few hundreds so I can make some money???

  8. I think Fluf World will be a huge contender as well with burrows and breeding and team that is building out an expanding ecosystem.

  9. 0:19 Hahah La crème de quoi?? Great video though

  10. Portuguese Guy? Esse sotaque é-me familiar :p

  11. You forgot about Trillionaire Thugs

  12. Thank you James for recommendations. I've started to search BMC project since I watched your video. Now I've ended up with getting one today. I'm really glad to find you in here.

  13. I personally believe NFT is a bunch of shit.. It's some asset with an identifier within some blockchain. There is absolutely no legal ownership, accept for the original seller, who is laughing him or herself to death… It's NOT a legal transaction unlike actual physical art(which is mostly shit as well). Your advice is pretty safe, so there is that

  14. Check Soho Kids!! Gr8 project with a lot of potencial

  15. You predicted 10 ETH floor price for the doodles 🙌🏼💯📈🚀

  16. I think also about the new NFT project Fancy Bears . What do you think about it?

  17. My prediction is that Metapreneur NFT’s are going to explode. Only just been listed on open sea. To the moon 🚀

  18. Curio Cards is the Bluest Chip NFT ever. They are the first art NFT on Ethereum (May 9, 2017), and are here to stay for decades, with massive potential of price increase.

  19. 😂😂 in the next year. Crazy took less than a week for doodle to hit 10eth

  20. What are your thoughts on The Abominable Bunch??

  21. So when you buy NFTs do you have to communicate with the community for your NFT to go high up in value?

  22. How do you feel about the Invisible Friends launch?

  23. This is really a great video, but as for me i make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with Mrs Penelope Caroline Kinch, her trading strategies are top notch…

  24. This is really a great video, but as for me i make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with Mrs Penelope Caroline Kinch, her trading strategies are top notch…

  25. Wow miners club jumped 5x

  26. Almost all these projects doubled in a week

  27. Doodle reached 10 eth in 6 days lol crazy

  28. Nice Content You have here on this Channel I am new here, I need a legit broker to help me trade or invest in forex or crypto market and also teach me how to trade. I find it difficult using these strategies well

  29. Should check this new NFT Metaverse @WonderGame_Meta Hyping NFT Pre-Mint Whitelist is now open. 10,000 Unique Metaverse NFT Characters

  30. doodles: I can see reach a 10 ETH floor in the next year
    January 11th, Doodles floor 10.5 ETH hahaha

  31. Your showing already popular nft’s that everyone knows about. lame

  32. Doddles hit 10 eth 5 days later

  33. Opensea collection Zoo De La 8bit, auctions/selling.

  34. Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine, you would need a miracle, that's why i trade with hilder Ferguson, her skills set is exceptional.

  35. Nft is a good thing however These jpeg shits will die one day

  36. All your predictions came true. My doodle did a 4x I bought a clone x though I’m still waiting for that boom, it’s the only one on your list not currently mooning, any reason why?