NFTs are on FIRE!! | I'm buying these right now


In this video we will talk about the Insane NFT Market in the last few days of 2021. The market has been exploding and we are seeing some massive movement with certain NFT collections. I will provide a market update to show the data behind the NFT market and provide NFTs I am really liking right now.

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0:00 – 1:09 NFTs are on FIRE!
1:10 – 3:24 OpenSea & NFT Market Analytics (Users, Volume, Wallets)
3:25 – 5:45 Mutant Apes takes over..
5:46 – 6:32 Doodles
6:33 – 7:09 Cool Cats
7:10 – 7:55 DeadFellaz
7:56 – 9:00 Other NFT Collections doing well
9:01 – 10:33 NFTs I like Buying
10:34 – 11:50 Massive 2022 Updates (Coinbase, Twitter, Discord, & More)
11:51 – 13:09 CryptoCurrency bear market may cause NFT Bull Run
13:10 – 13:56 I am SO EXCITED!!
13:57 – 14:14 Outro

Financial Disclaimer:
This is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. This channel is for entertainment and expressing my opinions. Please do your own research and make your own decisions.


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Responses (48)

  1. Randy Helgeson

    So if I want to buy stock on an nft do I just look their name up?

  2. NFT Connoisseur

    Easy strategy is buying Bangsta Bears on the 21st! Only .25 SOL too, so low risk, high reward in my opinion.

  3. Victor Ebiotu

    How do we get into this community

  4. you’ll remember this comment in a couple weeks


  5. Germante

    Thanks for sharing what price range you go for when selecting which one to buy. Cool projects mentioned, Munchies is another one worth attention

  6. Thanks for sharing all this. At current prices, do you think Doodles is still worth buying or is it over priced at this stage?

  7. MDMHypNoTiZe Tadas

    NFT just a scam

  8. Денис Александрович

    Hey man I love your videos, could you please review next time SuperKrass NFT?

  9. nfts are stupid lmao

  10. DJ Delos Santos

    But these are all too expensive for newcomers specially for people from 3rd world countries to join the space. I want to see recommended affordable ones.

  11. rico vickers

    😂 😂 😂 Right click to save the image. Bitches like these hype up and idiots like this fan base get trapped. Zero value for pngs

  12. Spearo90

    Very informative 👏 Could you review Superkrass NFT next??

  13. luis orozco

    The NFT are the future, so it’s so important to keep updated about it, great video, could you review the superkrass project, I think it would be really good, but I am not an expert so this is why I tell you about that project, because you you about NFT much more than I

  14. Luxzay NFT

    Nft vese i respect you man, you GIVE REALLY GOOD VALUES, sorry for my english i'm french guy.

  15. Yani Koudjo

    What do u think about BMC NFT?

  16. Eduardo Ayub

    what about crypto dads? MTG? OxyaOrigin? you really need to cover more projects.

  17. Finders Creeperz

    Great video as usual <3 What about alien frens?

  18. Despite the Economic crisis its still a good time to start up an investment.

  19. Admiral Ackbar


  20. Yung ape sqaud official.

  21. George Frank

    It's a new start for Nfts, I think it's time to braise ourselves there'll be a bull run in huge projects, Dragon evolution is expected to do very well this season

  22. Eric Vazquez

    In all honesty Fuck NFT's. This worlds dying slowly but surely dying. And the rich and corrupt laugh at the pawns playing their games

  23. John[Max whatsapp +1②0⑥⑤③①③⑦⑦⑨

    Awesome video.. I do make over 10k weekly with Max's assis tance. .

  24. Sheep

  25. Great Video. Speaking of NFTs, what do you think about "Fancy Bears Metaverse"?

  26. Marshall's Music

    Woah all those stats about the market are super promising. Do you review projects, could you check out the Secret Syrens?

  27. Sundayv Godson

    Nice video! I was able to build a big income stream during the covid-19 pandemic investing with a professional broker, Mrs Robinson

  28. Persona

    I am going to take a second mortgage out on my house to buy an nft. Can you help me decide which one to buy?

  29. NeozinGG

    Awesome video man! keep it up!
    Have you take a look on SuperKrass NFT? They're looking extra dope and they're on whitelisting process

  30. Modeloca

    Man I love your insights. Could you give us a look on SuperKrass NFT? Would love your insight on it.

  31. Manuel Romero Ibáñez

    There is a collection called Nasty Face Token that my that my financial advisor told me and it went on sale yesterday. I bought 5 nft 🙂

  32. Rindora

    What are your thoughts on The Doge Pound?

  33. Andrew Morrissey

    what do you think of bears deluxe? or galaxy eggs

  34. There are SOOOO Many projects… . Will this all fall off at some point of time ??

  35. Inbetweeners?

  36. a wise man becomes biggest scam

  37. BubbleBeard

    NFTs are literally garbage, why the freak would you buy a image? Thousands of dollars just for a stupid monkey. If you want the image so bad then just screenshot it!

  38. Ari Joestar

    No Fucking Thanks

  39. Nick Brush

    I just bought a VOX collectible from GALA to use for play to earn games like Town Star. I love that I can use it to make money everyday and eventually sell for more than what I bought at 🔥

  40. Krab tato


  41. Roy Welch

    great video and keep up the quality content. love the fact you stick to quality projects and teams!

  42. Derp Derp

    TIme to right click boys~

  43. mono ono

    NFT`s are a scam. you only want to sell those because they hold no real value.

  44. Gotta give you some alpha: Hpprs, Habibis, 3N-8P, Animos, Oddies 🤞🏻

  45. Normal Guy


  46. Maxwell Kenneth

    Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine, you would need a miracle, that's why i trade with Mrs.alexis Caballero her skills set is exceptional.

  47. Pr0phet

    I am extremely excited. I am interested in many NFT's. I believe NFT's are going to revolutionize the way we look at currency and the internet in general! Super pumped to be on your team and following your information. Keep up the great work!

  48. Esteban B

    Robotos nft has a show coming out with TIME (Time magazine company) and currently under 1eth Super cool art and have robopets which have a better entry point and just as good art