NFTs are on FIRE!! | I’m buying these right now


In this video we will talk about the Insane NFT Market in the last few days of 2021. The market has been exploding and we are seeing some massive movement with certain NFT collections. I will provide a market update to show the data behind the NFT market and provide NFTs I am really liking right now.

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0:00 – 1:09 NFTs are on FIRE!
1:10 – 3:24 OpenSea & NFT Market Analytics (Users, Volume, Wallets)
3:25 – 5:45 Mutant Apes takes over..
5:46 – 6:32 Doodles
6:33 – 7:09 Cool Cats
7:10 – 7:55 DeadFellaz
7:56 – 9:00 Other NFT Collections doing well
9:01 – 10:33 NFTs I like Buying
10:34 – 11:50 Massive 2022 Updates (Coinbase, Twitter, Discord, & More)
11:51 – 13:09 CryptoCurrency bear market may cause NFT Bull Run
13:10 – 13:56 I am SO EXCITED!!
13:57 – 14:14 Outro

Financial Disclaimer:
This is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. This channel is for entertainment and expressing my opinions. Please do your own research and make your own decisions.

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