NFTs are Pointless


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Wow. A topic you all saw coming. And it’s here. Congratulations. Good on you.



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  1. Guys I’m so confused.

    Is this Cody from alternate history hub or is it another person??

  2. The modern tulip bulb

  3. Thanks for creating and explaining this NFT shit , I am building my very first website from your link.

  4. fuck they even got Eminem with this shit, RIP!

  5. NFTs are not pointless. They are the only way to own anything in an all digital age.

  6. NFTs exist for the sole purpose of giving the uber wealthy another avenue to move money and avoid taxes.

  7. Whether true or not, the best thing anyone can do is capitalize, make your $$, and use that $$$ to try to effect the world in the way you want to.

    Why not take advantage and make a lot of money by outsmarting the old guard and then use the money to help people?

  8. I have a usefull nft

  9. NFTs are yet another proof that Covid pandemic is 2nd worse pandemic of the XXI century. The worst one being a pandemic of sheer stupidity.

  10. That’s the point, they’re pointless, they have no physical value, they’re just metadata in a computer but since monkey #1 decided that it has value and bought it then monkey #2 looks at it and assume it must have value because monkey #1 bought it. Its an snowballing cycle and while I can see people seeing NFT’s as a joke and I can also see that people are going to continuously give NFT’s value and therefore the market might continue to grow. Sure it’s stupid but think about it, we can make money off of other peoples stupidity, we just have to draw a few pixels on a screen and we’re good to go.

  11. This guy clearly doesn’t understand how NFT’s work smh and hey it’s still wort more than the US dollars, money that is printed out of thin air. This video is irrelevant and just shows how closed minded you are. We ascribe value upon things that hold meaning to us, it’s been that way for centuries. Crypto is here to change the fucking game, stay asleep or stay woke shiit i ma just keep stacking my bag 😎

    This guy is one of those FUDers here to keep people broke lmao, there’s a reason it’s called FUD = fear uncertainty doubt. I can definitely guarantee y’all he’s definitely investing in crypto

    Scared money 💰 don’t make no money
    High risk, high reward

    Fortune 🔮 favors the brave ✌🏾

  12. Why are people so pressed over these? It's just selling digital art for cryptocurrency. And this art for the most part looks just as awful as most other contemporary art that sells for millions.

  13. Ohhh, boy. I remember crypto kitties – it was so stupid and cute.
    Companies are jumping on the bandwagon because NFTs have become a cool new DRM scheme. NOW, for a limited time only: with enhanced controll over the market of the digital thingies to completely rip of your fanbase.

  14. But what is an nft?

  15. In the attention economy, NFT’s are going to run rampant.

  16. The only way I see NFTs being useful is to buy software. As an example; when you buy a game off steam, you do not own that game. You are just buying the right to download and open the program, and you can’t resell it when you’re done. If it were an NFT, digital games and software would act like disks. You can buy them, and actually own it. No automatic updates, and you can do whatever you want with the file, including resell it, like if you were to sell a used game to GameStop. But as NFTs are used now, it’s the most pointless thing I’ve ever seen

  17. 7:18 uh… Roblox kinda already did that my dude.

  18. Look at roblox, they have done something similar to this for like 15 years.

  19. THANK you! Gawd!

  20. I see it as a modern "wacky internety" spin on the economic bubble of the tulip-mania in the Netherlands, with two differences, one good and one bad.
    The good thing about this is that making NFTs don't require much physical time and money like acquiring and growing thousands of tulip seeds. I can go on my computer, open MS paint, take a shit on the touchpad, throw my mouse across the room, have 1000 copies, repaint them with all possible color combinations and be done in an hour or so. I might make money, I might not, but it didn't cost me a lot of time or money. The NFT market is not a strictly zero sum game.
    The problem is, that the potential market for NFTs is much much larger than the Netherlands in the 1630's, so it can potentially hurt a lot more people. Even though it's not a "zero sum game", I'm sure that some people are going to lose a lot of money when the bubble will finally burst

  21. Hmm… Maybe they can be used within multiplayer games to help facility in-game trading. That way you could do something unique with each item and not have to worry about item duplication?

  22. I'm guessing you missed the free 30k USD airdrop from gods unchained and immutable x huh? Rekt. (Jpeg nfts are garbage but gaming NFTs are a cool idea imo)

  23. NFT's are in some cases intrinsically valuable for example, Handshake Domains are basically NFT's but they have real world value

  24. You don't understand NFTs, that's evident. What you're describing is collectables, gaming purchases, beanie babies, etc.. Which are worth whatever anyone is willing to pay. Comics, cards, etc. Saying they have no value because whatever reason is missing the fact that the technology of paper and ink have value..

    You're not helping your viewers understand the implied underlying technology. Back to the drawing board buddy. I question all your videos now.

  25. everything is worthless till some one convinces some one else that it isnt. hush up and let us sell meaningless crap to people too stupid to understand this.

  26. I think your POV was correct but very one sided to the resellers or secondary market POV. NFTs can be very useful for providing authenticity for many sorts of items l’île game tickets abs it provides royalties for artists on resales which has been an issue for a long time. The technology is Defs not efficient but it’s revolutionary where one can make a difference like never before

  27. no shit sherlock