NFTs explained in 10 minutes | Non Fungible Tokens | Ankur Warikoo Hindi


On popular demand, I have finally created a video on what NFTs are, blockchain technology, and whether you should ride that or not.
We will walk through this in the simplest of manner possible, and if after watching the video, you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comments section!

00:00 Introduction
00:30 The 2 Key Terms
02:40 What is a Token?
06:50 The connection between Blockchain and NFT
07:55 What makes NFTs unique?
09:15 Should you ride the NFT Wave?
10:10 Conclusion

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Responses (29)

  1. sagar korshetti

    Great full information sir, i think future any type requirement of trademarks go to the nft.

  2. Listen Up

    hello sir, you're videos are very good full of knowledge. can you make a Demo video on NFTs Example.

  3. Ruby chaudhary

    Very well explained sir. Thank u so much.

  4. Aravind Rangan

    Is sandbox good it's also an nft game

  5. My daily Life in Japan

    5:28 He has a Japanese name

  6. Upendra Gothwal

    He just explaining in Hindi what Jhonny Harris explained in his video.

  7. Shahbaz Kibria

    A video on Metaverse and NFT related cryptos please.

  8. S M Zakir Hossain

    Very useful way described thanks.

  9. Kapil AKA Simba_thestarking

    How can I still NTFS


    Editing is so goodπŸ’―

  11. Pranavi Goel

    Thanks for dumbing this concept down for me.

  12. Wasted 11:24 minutes

  13. Viraj Agrawal

    Please make a video of buy n sell nft also

  14. Visha Khandelwal

    What a well explained video of this new concept! Really appreciate your efforts to make learning easier, thank you so much!πŸ™

  15. Neelendra Singh

    Johnny Harris video copy!!! That original one is NFT!!!!!

  16. Akhil Sawant

    Thanks for explaining in a moderate way. Could you please explain the buying and selling of the NFT?


    Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Mark Ruffalo??? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  18. Umair Javed

    What if I photoshop a famous photo of a celebrity, make it NFT and put to an auction?

  19. Shivanshu Sharma

    You look like bruce banner: Hulk

  20. prashant morla

    Is NFTs are like copyright veblen goods ?

  21. Rajesh Saharan

    I think itni bi technology achii nhi h because in india only around 20% people eat one time food…. So shut the F*ck up and be real see real problem money and crashing currency is problem for you richd*ck not a common man problem …..

    First for your own benefit you s*ck earth coal and petroleum

    Now in future you gonna s*ck sun light …. so shut the f*ck up

    Kuch capitalist ego satisfaction k liye world ko destroy krne ka plan banaya but tell me one thing who the hell give them right to decide other future

    Millions computer hnn?? Energy??

    Instead of working this shit solve real life problem
    1. Drinking Water
    2. Global Warming
    3. Climate Chnage

    Future me ye bi ho sakta tum jaise log aaye aur bole kill these 5000 people because they are not productive πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    Well my whole point is every country need to improve their world happiness index not money, not work, not virtual world nothing all shit

    Ultimately you gonna need food, s*x , family and death ….

    So if human development raise this way end is near… up to you don't know why I am typing this shit but I like to type this shit

  22. Mohammed Ahmad

    Love & Respect from Pakistan. You're a great teacher!

  23. Aman kumar yaghik

    WOW @warikoo, you very amazingly, literally copied the whole video of Johnny Harris. Well done

  24. Uday Shankar

    toh agar koi institute apna crash course online sell kre , aur mai use buy krlu , so yha mai ab us particular course ka owner bn gya !! So , keh sakte h us institute ne a type of NFT sell ki…?

  25. MyDrive

    this video script has been copied from Johny harris’ video

  26. Sudhanshu

    Can u pls make a video on demerits of nfts

  27. Mohit Bisht

    Sir if we are an artist and we create our own nft then how can we sell it to someone?

  28. Arunabh Phukan

    The video editing has improved