NFTs – If You Don’t Know, Now You Know | The Daily Social Distancing Show

NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, are a new craze breaking out in the world of cryptocurrency, but what are you actually buying? #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #NFTs

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Responses (34)

  1. It "the official" video is what many people likely have difficulty understanding. If the NFT is a contract of ownership than, using the video example, if the video is purchased by someone from the authorized owner and/ creator of the video, I can assume that they would then be able to explore copyright infringement against anyone posting the video on YouTube or other digital media. In that case, much like John Legend's music collection, the asset has value based in large part on the potential revenue it could earn. Without a revenue stream, and having it online for free, I don't see the value. I would also never buy an NFT unless there was some way of verifying that the seller is "the official" owner.

  2. Hey could you increase the volume of your voice when editing and compiling?Thanks 🙂

  3. That Tu-pac collage tho 🔥

  4. One big problem also is how you check for authenticity?

  5. It’s just a pointer or url pointing to the location of ur nft, now if the location is affected, ur url will show nothing 😂 magic of nfts

  6. Seriously, rappers showing off their wealth on iPad 🤣
    Imagine forgetting your password or putting NFT on will and neglecting to include the password 😳

  7. The end is so true! As a mom I am expected to fix EVERYTHING- even if I never heard of it!

  8. The end was so funny and TRUE! As a mom I am expected to fix EVERYTHING- even if I don’t know it exists!!!!

  9. I'm gonna NFT Trevor Noah videos.

    N I still exactly don't understand what NFT mean..

  10. Trump 2024! Ban snowflakes!

  11. NFT artists when I screenshot their "art" instead of paying 100,000$ for it

  12. I appreciate the technology, it seems a great idea to be used as certifications/authentications for example. Imagine when you finished a course and your certificate comes with an NFT, but that’s it, not like all these hypes though.

  13. So basically it's like those commercials that came on late at night saying buy gold and send us this amount and on paper you own gold but you don't have it in your possession but this paperwork says you have X amount of gold at X location….. me I'm kind of funny I want my gold in my hand as well as anything else that I claim to own

  14. Cartel washing there money

  15. All Lives Matter

  16. Is it the crypto version. Of donating art

  17. its 2022 and I still havent figured them out

  18. It’s hard to argue millions of people are struggling, when people are spending millions on nothing.

  19. This what getting money sound like
    is it just a joke, where can I get the song

  20. Americans have too much money…🤣

  21. so its a fancy way for money laundering , interesting

  22. I just screenshot digital art I like and then boom it’s mine

  23. So let me get this right I don't own the physical objects I just own a receipt saying that I bought it that's f*** up

  24. This will end badly.

  25. Are people really that dumb?
    On saying that I would love to buy An NFT as a way of tipping an artist I appreciate.

  26. List your own NFT on the solana network for almost free!

  27. You are probably the worst person to bring people "news"

  28. so is the seller responsible for keeping up the server? or the buyer has to pay the hosting fee?

  29. This man, he iis entertaining.