NFTs in Space Games – It's Coming


NFTs – love them or hate them, they are big news. My previous video on Star Atlas – a blockchain based space game – was certainly a bit of a controversial subject. But I wanted to revisit it, and expand upon some of the topics that the video touched upon. There’s also a number of things going on with NFTs in gaming, that not everyone will be aware of – so I wanted to discuss that too. I also want to touch on the very sensitive subject on whether or not NFTs will enter current space games. Some are already starting to do this…EVE Online is one such example.

Blockchain video games are getting a bit push. Recently, Square Enix boss, Yosuke Matsuda, stated that the growth in both the NFT market as well as the metaverse, are going to inform Square’s own business practices. He doesn’t want the company to be left behind, and feels that one day, trading NFTs is going to be as common as trading physical goods.

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Square Enix

Eve Online Alliance Tournament

Morphologis Video

Epidemic Sound

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Responses (35)

  1. Let me have a new ship in elite I can walk around and board and exit on my own 2 feet and I’ll buy the freakin thing

    Or just do it for everyone

  2. I'll never buy an nft, lol.

  3. I will never buy or pay to play any game with NFT's, blockchain or crypto, i consider them nothing more than scams (imo) and will not support it in any way.

  4. NFT = pyramid scheme, literally, it will be made illegal I can guarantee it.

  5. So publishers are pushing another sense of pride and accomplishment…

  6. A british tea company called Eneff Teas!

  7. It may be inevitable, but I will not buy into, and will pull any funding out of any game that goes this route.

  8. You can bet your a$$ i'm gonna stay Buzz Lightyears away from NFT & cryptocrap and blockchains in games

  9. Plenty of old games to replay again or quit wih gamng

  10. NFT space game plays you.

  11. The power is always with the people. It is the people that give the power. That said, if the people choose whether willingly or unwillingly to participate then NFTs will be a thing. For united we stand and divided we fall. If all the backers stopped backing star citizen and all the players moved on, then star citizen would no longer be a thing. The power is truly with the people. Whether the people realize that or not well…

  12. well nft are going to be an big part of digital economy in metaverse’s. there just getting an head start

  13. Such a shame.

  14. If there's any kind of monetization except for the purchase of the game I'm out. Yeah, I don't get to play much games nowadays.. :/

  15. F*** CCP, Profit Margins and
    Favoritism to those that feed
    it was current back in 2008.
    Good luck dealing with any of
    the Alliance/Mods if they do
    anything dodgy or game breaking
    in front of you. CCP won't give a
    flying F***❗

  16. NFT's is just a trendy rebranding of DLC and another way to nickel and dime the player.

  17. Well. I had never heart about NFT's until yet. I guess I'll stay with games and Lego to get hyped and pump my (limited) financial ressources into…

  18. Does anyone know the name of the song that keeps playing through this video?

  19. I see no place for NFT's in gaming at all until you have a gaming metaverse, i.e. where all, or at least most of the games you play run on the same engine, so your NFT item can be used in all/most of the games you play. until that day, it is just a way for publishers to charge more for what is just a temporary, digital token, limited by the time the publisher can be bothered to support the game (which will probably not be long if the microtransactions… sorry, NFT's aren't shifting, cause they really don't care about resale value). Even then, not interested unless the item is unique in more ways than just a serial number, but that means developer time wasted on unique items rather than making a game, so, still not a win for players.

  20. i hate NFTs, but this made me hate NFTs even more.

  21. Unless the game your buying in to that is structured around the NFT, states it's life expectancy? just remember if the game/server goes down all your stuff goes with it and never to be seen again?

  22. The think is if people buy into something then the game developers will do more of what earns them money. Don't buy into NFTs or such like

  23. Mark my words: When most gamers understand that NFTs are more about deceptive buisness practices than about entertainment, value and content quality… Those games will vanish into oblivion and all those overpriced speculative "assets" won't be worth a penny… The game community isn't as dumb as the masses.

  24. You strung along viewers by saying EVE incorporated NFTs but then revealed that they rewarded one as part of AT. NFT-adjacent does not match what you were saying.

  25. Ничего не понял,но очень интересно(с).Но за красоту лайк.

  26. NFT is all about greedy people monetization want quick grab money. They don't care about the game at all nor are even slightly interested in anything except the opportunity to earn more money. i can say 101% of any game involving NFT is not a game instead become cryptocurrency where criminal activity to do their shady business

  27. I really don't understand. I don't agree with 'pay to win' per se – but it is up to the game maker, surely? I f they think enough people will part with enough cash then let them go for it – but I really don't see how NFTs make this any more reasonable than just cash transactions with the IP handled by the game manufacturer?
    People play Candy Crush and pay for extra lives, or exploding cookies or whatever – that gives them an advantage over those that won't, or can't, pay – but they can still play.
    If I was one to pay for in game cosmetics (and many people seem to be happy to) then I would certainly be more willing if a) I could buy a unique cosmetic and b) I could sell it later.
    A bit like with ARX in ED – I earn them by playing, or I can pay cash for cosmetics – what am I missing? What is the difference between that and cosmetics being NFTs? There have been limited edition cosmetics before – even limited edition ships. So how does NFT change this?

  28. This is so silly. NFTs are a big scam and this will do damage to the already PATHETIC state of the gaming industry.

  29. "Such inconsistent personal feelings such as goodwill"
    Jeez, didn’t know square enix was run by skynet

  30. I think NFT’s are a can of worms. It’s something I rather not deal with.
    It’s basically a scam by certain parties to make money off of transaction fees.
    Converting real money to crypto (fee), using crypto to purchase NFT (fee).
    Then there is the distributed network itself, the power requirements, etc.
    It just seems like an overly complicated mess. An answer to a problem which does not exist.

  31. 5% of Fifa players changed the indusrty for 100% of people. NFT's will hurt games in so many ways.

  32. Personally i just don't believe that Chris Roberts wants to undermine his life's dream with crappy NFT's.

  33. NFTs are a disease and I will not play or support any dev or publisher that use NFTs. Already uninstall anything from Ubisoft. With Stalker 2 recently receiving major backlash due to NFTs (they reversed the decision and now it wont have NFTs) and Ubisoft Quartz receiving backlash and doing very badly in sales its apparent that majority of gamers dont want NFTs. If we as gamers can pull together and refuse to touch anything with NFTs we can put a stop to this before its too late.

  34. NFTs are for achievement and entitlement tracking. They are not for speculative investment. Their fundamental value is sentimental. Any resource/value they provide outside of that sentimental value is still based on the system providing it, such as an in game item, or media service.

    I don't think game worlds built on NFTs are a positive thing based on our current paradigms because it hamstrings reward design, game-masters, and redoubles security complexity needed to play the game.
    I look forward to games that can responsibly integrate this technology as the NFTs will live as long as its hosting network, which in theory will outlive the game it was built for. Its a fascinating and abusable monetization strategy and we must be ready to analyze predatory economies.
    I do not look forward to paying for the social services of people who failed to use their resources responsibly, temporal or financial.