NFTs make international art show debut


ABC News’ Ashan Singh reports on the buzz around NFTs at Art Basel Miami, as the digital art form makes its debut at the renowned international art show.


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  1. I'm a 15 year old and I started a business but it's a fail so now I'm doing youtube and opening my nft collection to try to grow my community!

  2. Now we can all be millionares! 😀

  3. """art""" show
    ok but anyway, i think NFTs could actually be useful, like artist signatures for example. problem is that people are making sh!tty pictures and trying to launder money with them rn

  4. No screenshots plz

  5. Boonji Project and Brendan Murphy looks sick!!

  6. Comment section full of people who don’t know what NFTs are 😂

  7. Doesn't this defeat the purpose of NFT's?…..

  8. I took several screenshots of this video

  9. Haters hate what they don’t understand haha. They called me an idiot for investing in bitcoin when it was $700 per bitcoin and when eth was $11. NFTs and the metaverse is the future and anyone who don’t see it now are the ones probably wishing they got in early at bitcoin 🤣

  10. I have built a dozen now with my main man Hunter. Digital crack art. I sold mine for 5 bucks! Somehow he sold his to some guys in Russia and China for millions! Smartest, most talented artist I know!

  11. Looks like a scam.
    Looks like it's also meant to attract dumb people with a lot money too, so that figures.

  12. Save photo is the kryptonite of NFT's. Make no mistake this is a pyramid scheme for dummies. The money they are making is from VERY foolish people.

  13. omg it's normal art except you can own a slightly different version with a digital receipt

    they're finally figuring out how to sell (completely distinct XDDDDD) copies of an art piece so they can extract money from more people

    i'll wait until something I want happens to be an NFT instead of wanting an NFT for the sake of it

  14. This sounds illegal.

  15. Nothing but hype. Just like traditional art.

  16. Okay but wtf is an NFT? How is it any different than watermarking a photo or copyrighting something? .. people are just making up shyt at this point 🤦🏾‍♂️

  17. this hits hard, ima take a photo

  18. I have 3 NFT's on Rarible.

  19. the NFT is only as good as the art.

  20. Interesting. As technology presses forward along goes with everything else including art

  21. DoNt screnshoot my NFT!!!1!1 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  22. Oh look, another way the wealthy can hide their wealth in an economy built on financial speculation. Gotta love late capitalism.

  23. It already has come to the frontline

  24. I'm sure many people will like this, but to me art will always need paint and canvas.

  25. Same gallery as Hunter?

  26. Feel free to screenshot