Non-Fungible Show: Bicycle Main Collection 8008 NFT Playing Cards (Supported by Shopify Integration)


📺 Non-Fungible Show: Bicycle Main Collection 8008 NFT Playing Cards (Supported by Shopify Integration) 📺

With Shopify launching their recent NFT Beta Program, Non-Fungible TC talks about how a brand with 130+ years of history is embracing NFTs and using Shopify’s plugin and Kolectiv to make NFT checkout seamless.

Playing cards have been an indispensable part of popular culture, from magic performances to various card games. However, how do companies like Bicycle Playing Cards embrace the future and engage with the Web 3.0 community?

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Non-Fungible TC’s Tweet about Shopify

eCommerce Platform Market Share in the USA

Bicycle Playing Cards NFT

Kolectiv NFT Marketplace

Bicycle Playing Cards Cinematic

Medium Article about the Collection

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⏱️ Timestamp ⏱️

00:00:00 Start Screen
00:00:10 Disclaimer
00:01:26 Welcome
00:01:54 Non-Fungible TC’s Tweet about Shopify NFT
00:03:00 Shopify amounts to 32% of market share in the USA
00:03:00 Bicycle Playing Cards enters the NFT space
00:04:08 Bicycle 8008 NFT Play Card Collection
00:05:09 Minted on Immutable X
00:05:26 Bicycle 8008 NFT Promotion Video
00:08:08 About the NFTs
00:09:48 Unique NFTs for Auction besides the Playing Cards
00:11:47 What you get after winning the Auction
00:12:24 The physical framed NFT and Play Card Deck
00:12:52 Re-recording of the video due to some issue before
00:14:04 How Bicycle has addressed Environmental and Social concerns
00:15:30 Buying the NFT and Playing Cards (Not the Auction)
00:16:43 You need a Web 3.0 Wallet to get the NFT
00:18:35 ImmutableX and Open Sea Integration?
00:19:43 Need time to print the Limited Edition Cards
00:20:33 Wrap Up
00:21:53 End Screen

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Responses (2)

  1. I SEE lots on NFT to be all JUNK but NOT Bicycle NFT because of the history and card collecting is a REAL thing. THIS NFT is good for life, not like all the JUNK fake art NFT out there. I call them BENNY WAGON nfts.

  2. THANK YOU I just saw these cards this morning on Facebook. You explained it very well and I think we are good to get in early.