Non-Fungible Tokens Explained: NFT's and Digital Collectibles


In this episode, we explain what non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) and how they are relevant to the world of Esports and Art. Tokenizing assets can make that holographic Charizard Pokemon card or World of Warcraft chromatic sword always have value. We made Cryptonauts NFT’s specially for this episode. 3 lucky winners will get NFT’s from us that we made on the Enjin Platform. Comment below with your Enjin wallet address (should start with 0x) to enter!

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– World of Warcraft Mining Video:

– Digital Art Creation Video:

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Responses (28)

  1. How can I get a rare coin to generate money with ought having to sell my coin?

  2. Human has become so so stupid that they are buying digital collectibles. U basically see it online in your phone? Yes I call it my Samsung photo gallery that i screenshot a moment ago. So so stupid as fuck

  3. Hey guys, hope my question has a simple answer.
    The thing is, I do have lots of .png files that I drew as separated files just to build my own collection of collectibles NFTs. Similar to BAYC project.
    My question is, How can I "PROGRAMMATICALY GENERATE" like 10.000 pics from those .png files?
    I can't find the way to do that. Should I do it manually, one by one? Or is there any software or a code out there that helps to build 10.000 pics from simple .png files?
    Please, help me!
    Thank you!

  4. Do you know what the difference between Art and collectibles? I can't tell

  5. This sounds terrible….

  6. Great video, but the music was SOO annoying & distracting. I literally have a headache after watching because of the music. Please lower it significantly next time, not everyone has the same music taste

  7. I have one question. Has de bitairt a token? Can you please send me the token name? Thank you.

  8. We find QKA website NFT network Binance Smart Chain, we want to know about it from you help us

  9. Great news for designer/ art work

  10. Nice 👍🏻👍🏻