NY DAILY NEWS JETS Reporter DJ Bien-Aime on how the Jets WON the DARNOLD and talks ZACH WILSON!


The new New York Jets beat reporter for the NY Daily News DJ Bien-Aime joins Jake to talk about the #SamDarnold trade by the Jets, why he thinks the Jets are having a great offseason, his confidence in Jets GM Joe Douglas, why Zach Wilson will be the pick at #2 and much more!

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Responses (35)

  1. Voujdjr

    not hard for him to win us over as Manish was horrific

  2. Rey Steffani

    Dude loved the interview with DJ and all the input about our beloved Jets. Great work

  3. Odi Gomez

    I like what Rich Eisen had to say about how Wilson essentially costed the Jets 3 first round picks. I’m all for “resetting the clock” if you spent the money on some big time impactful free agents but they havnt. I can’t remember any big free agent signings besides CJ Mosley and that hasn’t worked out so good.

  4. Reese Quinlan

    i would trade the 23rd pick & second round and get a in the top 10 and draft penei sewell!

  5. edguygz

    Great to hear a dolphins fan opinion 🤣🤣🤣🤣😡

  6. Anything is better than Manish!

  7. Joel Punch

    Wilson flees clean pockets ,when he played coastal Carolina and got roughed up he was useless. Lucky he’s relative owns jet blue, otherwise we’d realise that he was good in a low tier league. He went from the fifth or sixth ranked QB to the second in the last five weeks, did he even come up against any first or second round defensive talent.

  8. Anders Cortsen

    Saleh likes to rotate his DL

  9. Why a dolphin fan though? Better than manesh definitely

  10. ol Dave Etcheverry

    When you are replacing Manish, you are automatically an upgrade. When you start saying that you're a dolphins fan and you were doordashingprior to this job…. oh boy. You sound like a dumbshit off the street. Know your audience. Don't tell me an opinion based on what you read because we've read everything you have. Develope relationships with professional people on the inside. We want insight not a parrot. Right now there is no difference between you and my neighbors podcast. Jake you are solid and a very good Interviewer. Keep up the good work. Align yourself with pros and journalists.

  11. Albert White

    Lemme try this again:
    Great Vid!
    Good to meet, up close and personal, the new Daily News Jets beat writer!
    Welcome, D. J.!
    (keep your helmet close…you’re gonna need it!)
    I don’t know if your Masters from Columbia is in Journalism, but just in case, here’s a little something to keep in mind, courtesy of an earlier graduating class at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism:
    “If It Happened Today, It’s News To Us”
    🤣 …don’t let that be you!!
    Wishing you great stories and a great team to cover!
    GO JETS!

  12. Sherwood CALLOWAY

    Listen Mr Asman joe Douglas is seriously making a big mistake and he's will regret this trade I hope he get fired zach Wilson is a hot dog can't read defense period

  13. Chris Reynolds

    I have a problem with Miami Fans, but with that said that so much better than Manesh. It’s nice to not a Virgin with a

  14. Christopher Mirkovich

    Here's the good thing he's not Minish but here's the bad thing he's not Minish so you'll never have the right scoop

  15. mayhemnbc

    I'm a jets fan and my problem with jets fans is they rather be relevant then put in position to win.

  16. David NinerGang Richie

    I’m not a Jets fan but I hope the Jets draft Zach Wilson, so Justin Fields can fall to the 49ers or the Jets draft Justin Fields, so Zach Wilson can fall to the 49ers! It’s really a no lose situation either way, as long as neither franchise selects Mac Jones!💯😂

  17. Narvish

    Wow, this guy knows his stuff. I didn't know Dolphins fans could read…

  18. Brad Matteson

    Idiotic… we traded 5 great picks in 2018-19 for Sam, then traded sideways this year. Jets lost… again. Jet Brains kill me.

  19. Carmelo El bori's way

    Fresh blood for the beat reporting is great plus he’s calling it down the middle without fandom is awesome

  20. Egerton Bullock

    This Dolphin fan doesn’t seem to have the insights needed to do the job. He will have to work harder!

  21. Egerton Bullock

    90% of Jet alumni are urging Joe Douglass to draft Justin Fields. These include Brandon Marshall, Bart Scott, Keyshawn Johnson. What does the locker room know???

  22. The Jets are post-Mac, post-Gase, and post-Manish. Three reasons right there for optimism.

  23. Busted Knuckles

    Unreal that the daily news hired a dolphins fan to cover the Jets. I'll be passing don't need to read another Jets hater coverage.

  24. Mr Downtowne

    Good interview Jake… he is definitely an upgrade to Manish. 😂

  25. John Quiroz

    Why does everyone always have a negative pov when it comes to the Jets. No one is like “hey things were bad, but there are a lot of good on this team” cause with Saleh and co this team will be at least an 8-9 team. With these new guys in the building we can have at least a winning record. So many people are sleeping on the Jets

  26. David Dark

    Seems like an upgrade for NYDN. In terms of his team preference, hopefully he can be rehabilitated over time, lol.

  27. Robert Barlotta

    Dude doesn't know what he's talking about Zach Wilson doing door dash for extra $$… His family isnt rich.. they're wealthy lol

  28. verge tibbs

    "Wilson will have things here that Darnold never had." Exactly. The running media narrative has been the jets have changed nothing and will ruin Wilson too. Good start for DJ keeping it real, much has changed since the maccagnan days.

  29. Motivated T

    Hope he's better than Rich Cimini who is horrible with his constant negative takes

  30. verge tibbs

    I can't stand how none of the jets beat writers are jets fans. It's really been showing lately since the current FO is leaking nothing so it looks like we're just getting negative spin from the writers when this is the best position jets been in in a long time. That all said, I tried to not like this new guy, but I can't, he's friggin cool. Lol


    Daily News is trash. Good luck to you DJ.

  32. Jonny B Good

    Really Daily News a Dolphin fan to cover the Jets ? WHAT A TOKEN BEAT WRITER LOL. Does he have his Phillies season tickets yet ? He probably already peeked into Joe Douglas’s bedroom window.

  33. Jonny B Good

    Come on Asman really ??? Daily News hired a new jets TOKEN beat writer. Who happens to be a Dolphins fan LMFAO 🤣. This tree jumper is probably already peeking through Joe Douglas’s bed room window. Does he have his Phillies season tickets yet ?

  34. Robert Killian

    He seems pretty cool, for a dolphins fan.

  35. Mike Hall

    Jets ain't win shit