Opening Panini NFT Blockchain NBA Prizm Cards


What do we do with the remaining packs??

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Responses (9)

  1. Pretty soon grading services will be out of business, then they will start lowering price lol

  2. what bout the panini blitz and dunk apps? will those cards ever be able to be sold on a panini platform ya think?

  3. So you don’t get actual cards?

  4. Glad I checked this out thinking about copping a couple base packs from currency to Collecticables everything’s going digital lol

  5. Can you sell the packs individually on Marketplace on panini

  6. Love the enthusiasm.

  7. Y’all pay 50$ for virtual cards 😂😂 crackheads

  8. You were very lucky to get a Lamelo which is 1 in 100 packs. That will pay for your first 3 packs and more. I would sell ASAP. The Panini Blockchain website is very hard to navigate.

  9. I didn't get it 😭