Our Favorite Doge Just Turned 16 Years Old | Know Your Meme


The dog pictured in the iconic Doge meme, Kabosu, turns 16 years old today!

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Responses (33)

  1. engineer gaming

    Such cute, Much doge

  2. Milkdrinker218 Productions

    “I don’t care how much money it takes, make this dog well again!”

  3. Shadowwolf1337

    doge is the queen elizabeth of the meme world

  4. Pepe Peperson



  5. Nate HolmesXI

    Damn same

  6. Roxas Sora

    This dog is cute though

  7. When this dog dies… 🚀🚀🚀 🌕

  8. DustMonkey92

    I thought she was dead

  9. If doge memes dies then the doge dog dies

  10. Bagas Frasetya

    let's tell our friends and family to hold the KABOSU because we are the doge's masters

  11. I can't believe a meme is the same age as me

  12. that moment where you realise your oldest pet is probably older than doge

  13. Bakr Nader العاني(DNFTs)

    I bought 1500$ in kabosu

  14. Tchitchouan Inouane

    wow 16 years is very old in doge years

  15. It’s my age 🙂

  16. Erfan Nikbonyad

    #kabosu token to the moon….

  17. Klaus_Klavier

    Isn’t the Shibe Inu like the national dog of Japan or something like that too?

  18. Maravilla

    Happy birthday beautiful girl 💕

  19. Am I the only one who pronounces Doge with a hard G? It's just the word dog with an e at the end that changes the O from short to long

  20. Tarragoni

    bruh this whole comment section is filled with redditors

  21. Kurran1998

    Such Legend. Much Cuteness. ❤️

  22. Happy Birthday Kabosu-chan =D

  23. JensGibolde

    Louis armdoge 🤣 i cant even

  24. MythicalMonke

    Why do all memes originate in reddit

  25. Do a video on the "bhad bhabie verse" meme

  26. Mario Siringo


  27. Heckin' legend

  28. Zach Sweat

    Kabosu cannot die we must never let it happen.

  29. Nintendofan2008 yt

    Why is doge so popular

  30. Nintendofan2008 yt

    Why is it so popular

  31. Felipe De Stickman

    It's one of those legendary memes that never really dies.

  32. I heard Shiba Inu coin will be listed on the Kraken exchange tomorrow!