OVO Energy to cut 1,700 jobs


OVO Energy, the UK’s third biggest energy supplier, is expected to cut a quarter of their work force as part of a restructuring programme to save money.

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Responses (18)

  1. I am on a fixed tariff with OVO till April – they recently tried to put my standing order up by 70% and when I complained I was on a fixed tariff, they told me it was to 'protect' me from FUTURE price rises… they must think people are stupid – or perhaps they don't understand what the "future" means?
    I put the amount down again… I'll cross that 'future' bridge when I come to it… if they're still in business.

  2. Correction: Bulb is still trading. I know, I am a customer.

  3. Maggie thatcher did she privatised the energy market

  4. OVO Energy forgot to advise customers to get a copy on to their iPods.
    Dmitri Shostakovich: Symphony No. 7 Op. 60 "Leningrad" (1942)
    Star Jumps and Pet Humps will only go so far.

  5. I HATE Ovo. They took over from southern electric who were fantastic. Had nothing but trouble since. Aside from insane price hike. The app is appalling and rarely works. Now I can’t even submit meter readings because it says the readings are lower than last time, which is bull.
    Gonna have to switch. They’re driving me up the wall.

  6. This company chasing me to pay the bill to the address I never live before, so sad. Sent so many prouve but…. I call it gun point

  7. Don't think there are enough working from home jobs….. what happens when everyone is sat in there homes with no income

  8. Ovo will go up the wall soon anyway hug a pet and jump up and down he is telling the people who pay them

  9. I use boost power that I believe is a sister company to ovo energy so I hope they ain’t going bust next

  10. Being unvaccinated is absolutely brilliant 👍

  11. Just what the government ordered 😂

  12. thats because they and all so called energy companies are commiting fraud

  13. So it a benefit to vote for conservative party a job loss of 1700?

  14. If the staff affected are upset by losing their job, I'm sure OVO will advise them to "hug their pet", like they did for their customers…

  15. how's this capitalist system going?

    also them: let's fire most of our employees guys!

  17. 1700 jobs axed followed by a energy price hike!.. yay for 2022