Plan B Bitcoin – The Coming Bounce Will Be Epic


Plan B Bitcoin – The Coming Bounce Will Be Epic
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  1. Plan B Bitcoin – The Coming Bounce Will Be Epic

    πŸ’° Get FREE $100 In Bitcoin When You Open Tax-Free IRA Crypto Account With iTrust Capital:

    Offer valid ONLY for U.S. residents 18+

  2. Who's going to continue to make the hardware?

  3. realized price has never been a support for bitcoin, justa simple reference for network

  4. plan b willy woo lost street cred however now learnt to keep hodling and listen to broad bitcoin news and use own intuition. gld low could get to quarter bitcoin.

  5. SPMK to the moon:)

  6. My God plan B saying not going below 30k. Hold the F on. 20k inbound

  7. This is important information

  8. If you believe in bitcoin just buy it and hold it. Makes no difference what all these predictions say. This just proves if you do research your prediction is as good as anyones

  9. This guy isn’t relevant anymore

  10. Bitcoin is dead for the working too expensive and little hope of getting rich.
    Read the Ryoshi story. Shiba Inu was invented for the working man. It is a
    Coin that will keep growing and do all things in the future, buy it, hold it and
    You will have hope of getting rich. Only my opinion, read about the team and its inventor. Its a people coin.

  11. The stock market is dropping and the DXY / US dollar is not at strong support and pumping. If the US dollar continues up expect bitcoin to continue to drop. We've already dropped over 36% from the all time high. Call it a crash or a slow bleed down, but bitcoin is headed much lower as I believe bitcoin has entered a 2022 bear market. The bitcoin bull run is over, there is no bitcoin bull cycle. The US Dollar is bullish and will continue up while the stock market is bearish and about to have a major correction. Bitcoin is in a bubble that has already popped.. Every bitcoin pump is just above bull trap to sucker in retail before a larger dump.

  12. Loading footage from months ago smh πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

  13. Bitcoin is on its way to hell. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  14. Everyone remembers his catastrophically incorrect end of 2021 predictions right?

  15. Animal Matrix 1/10, such a amazing NFT project