Pokemon NFT Animated Trading Cards


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Pokemon NFT Animated Trading Cards
Pokemon NFT Animated Trading Cards
Pokemon NFT Animated Trading Cards


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Responses (22)

  1. Pokemon nfts would be counter intuitive. Its not a "catch em all" thing. Also nfts 🤢🤮

  2. Make nft of existing Pokemon cards who ever owns a Pokemon Card gets a similar nft , if you want an nft Pokemon Card or a sold Pokemon Card you have to buy the either and you will also get the later

  3. i was working on that same idea and i ended up seeing this i am late for this its looking lit af

  4. Yes I want them myself this and yugioh cards would sell BIG!!!

  5. What if there was a type of game within the crypto world that allowed people to catch NFT Pokémon that had stats assigned to them and you could battle the for crypto?

  6. Give me all and take my money!!!

  7. What platform are Pokémon NFT trading on?

  8. Amazing animation! Omi?

  9. Gimme gimmmmee

  10. Any way i can white label or purchase this software?

  11. 150% I'll do it if no one else does

  12. I’m going to be first in line to buy 1st Edition packs and start my virtual binder full of charizards

  13. This is brilliant

  14. Did you do these animations??

  15. What software did you use to make those?

  16. Yes, I would love to spend some dollars to get Pokemon boosters with cards like those presented in the video. Who did these animations ? Great work.

  17. This is an under rated video. Great job! NFTs are the future

  18. What Pokémon Card would you love to see animated as an NFT?