Programmatic NFTs – Evolving The NFT Space On Cardano!


Today I talk with Alexander and Patrick from unsigned_algorithms who are talking a different approach to NFTs and creating the NFTs fully on chain using code rather than creating an image and hosting the image on a third party.


Alexander Map:
Patrick / nft-maker:

** Timestamps **
0:00 Intro To The Topic
4:00 Presentation by Alexander
18:19 Summary of Presentation
19:00 Storing NFT on Chain
20:00 Discussion on the approach and NFT Space

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Disclaimer: Everything in this video is my own opinion and is not financial advise as I am not a financial advisor. I am just a random guy on the internet with a big passion for crypto and Cardano


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  1. Cardano With Paul

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    ** Timestamps **

    0:00 Intro To The Topic

    4:00 Presentation by Alexander

    18:19 Summary of Presentation

    19:00 Storing NFT on Chain

    20:00 Discussion on the approach and NFT Space

  2. I love the project and the spirit of this conversation! Keep it up

  3. Steve Barrett

    Very interesting. Can 3D procedural modeling be fit into a NFT contract?

  4. Dude Real Estate

    Crazy that you could get one unsig for 16 ADA at the beginning and now the "common" ones are going for 300+.

  5. SolarUp

    If I took a shit and then took a photo of that shit and then poked that shit with a stick…. then took another photo of that same shit before poking that same shit again with the same stick… before taking another photo of that same sticked up shit….
    Ultimately, what am I doing and what is the value of that? Art? That's been going on for millennia… NFTs are different than art? Or, NFTs are somehow more practical? Maybe, but still haven't heard shit in regard to that

  6. Maria Carmo 369

    Paul love your content. Keep up the good work. You are so valuable to our community. Thank you for been here with us. Hope we can have a pint someday as life is slowly can back to normality again.

  7. bakucham

    Wonderful design and idea!

  8. Arthur T.

    its called Vector format.

  9. Kelumax

    Congrats on a VERY COOL project! I love your approach, concept and results! The images are awesome and very interesting. I would definitely like to purchase some of your NFTs! Thanks for producing this video, Paul! Great content!

  10. SF Life

    SpaceBudz used one more brilliant layer by adding images into Areave + IPFS . I'd recommemd catching up on that project…it's becoming very well accepted as a new way to store nft images in a better lifelong state. Nothing is forever but that is specifically what Areave is trying to achieve

  11. Fidel Camarena

    Ya get what I'm saying?

  12. Mark Bernstein

    Brilliant….another guy involved in the Cardano ‘network creation’ game that makes me feel stupid and that I wasted my life! 😮

  13. P. Muldowney

    Extremely cool stuff

  14. marcos rivera

    What an exciting project these guys have in hand!! All the best!!!

  15. John Malone

    Thanks for a great video, Paul. And recent returns on your steak pool are very satisfying. I've been wondering how and if I can put my music onto the blockchain. Is there anything like that on the horizon?

  16. Kiran Tanna

    Forget the value of any NFT, because Paul's expression during the Sol LeWitt wall drawings section is absolutely priceless.

  17. Max Sullivan

    Nice one!

  18. Paul, for the projects coming out on Cardano…will any of these go public on the stock market and offer pre-IPO investing?

  19. V Araknus

    I love OPart …this totally gets me. I would love to get some 🐶

  20. Brandon Basso


  21. j rock323

    So this is basically “Ready Player One” in its infancy!? This is freaking awesome cant wait to see what is built! And all on CARDANO =D

  22. Tony Connolly

    Are nft's exclusive to images or could they encompass sound files?

  23. TrulyWittaTooly

    Wow i would deff buy a NFT Pet that grows with me. Thats fire hahahaha
    Then we have to feed the Pet with ADA haha

  24. benjamin yost

    Take a shot 🥃 everytime you hear right

  25. Ryan Wibisono

    This gives me flashbacks to 2012 and someone explaining Bitcoin at £8 to me….

  26. Just some gal with small eyes

    Alexander's presentation was awesome. He must be a pro in color theory. ❤️ the content as always.

  27. Monad Pool

    Honored to be on, thanks for having us Paul. Thanks for bringing unsigs to YouTube!

  28. Absolute Unit

    Charles getting lit in that NFT 😂

  29. Genesis Wong

    Hi Paul, hope you see this. I follow you on YouTube and see you’re quite knowledgeable. I joined your pool yesterday at about 10:30 pm with about 370 cardano coins. Was getting ready to send another 350 coins today for you to delegate. However, I sent the coins from my Coinbase account to my Yoroi mobile wallet which was offline at the time. The coins haven’t showed up in my iPad Shelly Wallet. I cannot get my iphone Yoroi wallet to connect to the internet. HELP! What do I do??? YOU NEED TO DO A VIDEO ON RECOVERING CARDANO SENT TO an offline address that didn’t arrive in Shelly wallet. PLEASE REPLY ASAP SO I can recover those coins and get them to your pool to delegate. THANKS!!

  30. Ara May Fajutagana


  31. Daniel Wolthuis

    The sentiment on crypto is not good…