Queen strips Prince Andrew of HRH title and military roles – BBC News


The Duke of York’s military titles and royal patronages have been returned to the Queen, Buckingham Palace has said.

Prince Andrew, 61, will also stop using the style His Royal Highness in an official capacity, a royal source said.

It comes as he faces a US civil action over sexual assault allegations – claims he has consistently denied.

A source close to the duke said he would “continue to defend himself” against the case brought in New York by Virginia Giuffre.

Buckingham Palace said in a statement: “With the Queen’s approval and agreement, the Duke of York’s military affiliations and Royal patronages have been returned to the Queen. The Duke of York will continue not to undertake any public duties and is defending this case as a private citizen.”

Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News at Ten reporting by royal correspondents Nicholas Witchell and Helena Wilkinson.

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Responses (25)

  1. joep koelewijn


  2. The military requested this action and they are correct. A monarchy without the respect of the military cannot stand.That the Queen must deal with these overage, spoiled adolescents at her age is so regrettable.

  3. Nice might go out and Rob a bank, worst case scenario I'll just lose my job

  4. Briju095

    Hope Make Wh**e Charlie will also Submits all titles and Become a Pvt citizen and renounces the Line of the throne.

  5. An absolute disgrace that we are taxed to fund these wrong uns. Send him to prison and see how he gets on, rat

  6. meerkatinfrance

    The bigger they come …

  7. Peter Case

    Andrew is disgusting yes in his revolting friendship after his friend was a well known convicted creep and his lies on tv. But the whole royal family had their way with with the servants for ever since there was a royal family. In this way I feel Andrew the creepy one is the Poster boy for change. ,Sucks to be you RANDY ANDY, not on no ones tax payer dime. People rule.

  8. David Murphy

    The damage is done!
    Out dated and rasist the Royal family should all be private citizens and the UK should distribute the wealth back into social welfare,

  9. obscuresoul

    basically like breaking a twig off a redwood..

  10. Spitfire 55

    Bring the rest down… Gates, Trump, Clinton and and and

  11. James O'Ryan

    Birth is not a matter of choice and can't be changed. I know literally nothing about the reasons behind this decision, however, I wonder if it is actually within the Sovereign's power to 'take away' Royal status, or, IN TRUE PRACTICE, to grant it. As someone who can't actually spell 'sovereign' my ignorance here is certainly exposed. I'm simply UNCOMFORTABLE with the idea of Royal status being 'taken' away from anyone. The idea that it can be given or take away by ANY power seems a dangerous precedent.

  12. Phil Lawrence

    He didn't give them up, they were taken from him. Get it right. Oh and dont pay your license fee,

  13. Franca Dalel DALELIO

    The Royals and their behaviour has been despicable. I'm surprised the Btotish publiic have tolerated them for this long

  14. Anne Maria von Roith

    Why are most of you against Prince Andrew? That Roberts-Guiffre is out for money! She was 17 years!!!! That is no Child anymore. Prince Andrew could always get any woman! He was a very handsome "prince", he was some kind of a star! This whole case is not honest. I am older than Andrew. Whatever he was, I will never believe that he would ever need it to take this Ugly girl by force!

  15. chuaberna

    Stripping his titles are not enough, he SHOULD be charged for his involvement with a minor. SHAMEFUL!

  16. Damian Walsh

    all theatre as usual…………..

  17. Dirty!!!!

  18. Tony Amundsen

    Well Andy, now you know how the Romanov family felt. By all accounts it would seem (from people who know him) he is and always has been an odious prick. Non the less it must be very painful to know that your mother, brother and the rest of the family will take you out and hang you even before the trial starts. All in all they are a loving and supportive lot.

  19. Valerie Phillips

    Hi time too. Should of been done a long time ago

  20. It's not only Andrew who's a creep there's evidence of a young boy escaping Buckingham Palace a few yrs back. Their a family of pedophiles including the she demon our false queen

  21. Mr. Phil

    Defending as a private citizen my ass

  22. SuperKiko112

    Need to abolish the royal family. Not all british are a fan of. They are a good tourist attraction i admit that

  23. Mpho Dhlamini

    She’s still alive Haibo how old is the queen kanti?

  24. Crystal Zag


  25. OMG …just exactly 5 days ago I was searching more about the history of this case and looking for any progress in it …and I was discussing with my friends about the whole thing…the deep hidden corruptions of the high profile people world and how could people like Trump and Clinton managed to just ignore all this sh*t and ..I brought up prince Andrew in preticular because he is the most involved in all of this , and everyone were furious about that the trial was in the UK and of course people like the prince he is gonna move on and just deny and of course he is literally above the law in there …and now seeing this kinda punishment and justice being applied..it really make me feel like finally every bad person who thinks he can control people is being brought down and getting some sort of payment for their actions