Raila reiterates his grand plan to create jobs for the youth if he wins the presidency in 2022


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Responses (21)

  1. Raila is seeking employment from Kenyans? What is the retirement age Atwoli? Or COTU does not address that?

  2. Same baba made hundreds of promises when he was first elected as Langata/Kibera MP but after 20yrs as their MP, as Energy Minister and worst still as Prime Minister, baba did not even built a toilet in Kibera nor help youth projects/football or did any projects and it was Kibera Slums votes that made him capture Langata constituency votes. You can't cater for 30,000 Kibera Population then and now you convince us you can cater for over 50,000,000 Kenyans???? NONSENSE

  3. I like baba soooooooooo much he talk akiwa humble himself sio papapapapa kama mtu mwingine wa udagu

  4. kiambaa AG church burning of women&children in eldoret is huge scar mama na watoto wanatupwa kwa moto; the chief architect& criminal behind this heinous crime is walking in lofty places with nose lifted up; the mastermind of this heinous crime has exalted himself with his accomplishes and partners in crime; should this kaleo looters and murderers not repent yet you will be brought to the lowest abyss of shimo la shetani

  5. kaleo looters used gova resources to build uda now sell nominations for 200million; by selling nominations for 200million is clear signal that if you vote uda merchants of corruption they have evil intention looting public resources to recover this fees& profit; wonder why kenya remained stuck with very little development in arap moi kaleo looters regime wasted 23years of dictatorship, mismanagement, economy destruction &corruption

  6. baba mm kura ni kwako 100%

  7. Baba aende retirement, he is above the retirement age, at 77yrs he was supposed to retire 2yrs ago with Maraga.

  8. I don't trust this hypocricy

  9. Our Fifth president to State House this year


  11. Scientific research has shown that even if Raila wins and becomes the president ofkenya, his administration will be opposing every idea coz they have been in opposition for long.The research further shows that ,it will take him and his troops 100years in order to get rid of this opposition mentality thus derailing the progress of this Country's economy.

  12. Raila juu juu saidi chungwa 🍊 ndani😎

  13. Baba all the way. The better option!

  14. Baba nakufuata kilaziku hapana mchezo 🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👏👏🤗🤗🤗

  15. Baba tosha the 5th

  16. Baba the 5th president of the republic of Kenya ❤️

  17. I don't trust this guy. I know 1st hand

  18. You are right,but where have you bn for 27years to realize today that youths have no jobs ,Kenya is still struggling country "3rd" world state

  19. Our 5th president come 2022

  20. Woow woow humble SHUJAA