Rand Paul blasts Fauci after latest fireworks in Health Committee hearing


Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul sounds off on ‘The Story’ #foxnews #thestory

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Responses (37)

  1. Darryl Tarr

    Rand Paul obstructs taking care of the pandemic and them blames Fauci for things out if his control. Anyone who believes this is tremendously stupid or willfully propagating it for their own self interest

  2. Spiral End

    Creepy weirdos…in this comment section. It’s so funny that Fox has a really hefty vax requirement. So why is Fox so irresponsible and proud of idiots like Rand Paul. Spineless, partisan snakes.

  3. Anne Williams

    rand paul"s neighbor is a treasure

  4. Galagatron

    10 seconds into this and it was edited. Typical fox

  5. Sam LA 2 America

    Fauci needs to be accountable and pay for his crimes.

  6. lunatic Fringe

    Science isn't a Dictatorship.

  7. Johnny Aingel

    Fauci is a psychopath

  8. babjwmson

    whether Fauci (Pinocchio) breaks or not, he needs to be held accountable for his lies and not answering the questions!

  9. Dj Tripp

    Read the real Anthony Fauci by Robert f Kennedy, you can’t trust or distrust anyone unless you find out who they truly are! Fauci is a mad scientist because of his experiments! To gain the function to make more diseases deadly to man should be enough but it’s not the animal cruelty for financial profit should be ! Now it experiments on people! Find out who Fauci is before you trust him or those that rely on him! His experiments are killing !

  10. Dr. Steven Penny, M.D.

    Dr. Paul is right. Fauci was supporting gain of function.

  11. Kristine Jackson


  12. Rand I love your neighbor.

  13. Sophie M


  14. Brendan Fazekas

    Rand Paul is Absolutely correct it’s just the Fact, FACT. AKA TRUTH

  15. Darrin Van Diest

    Groundhog Day.

  16. Jay Muha

    Guys, I’d hate to say it, but Rand Paul is just as corrupt as the next political egghead. Trust your instincts my fellow citizens, this man here only wishes to get paid lots and lots of money, just as the rest.

  17. Finally a Senator with a heart for We the People!!!

  18. Bleve Wolfgar

    Fauci is the disease

  19. BlueTwang1

    Rand is fighting an imaginary foe. Let's go, Rand.

  20. Paul Schuyler

    Fauci's emails were massively redacted regarding gain of function research. He should be fired solely based on his claim that "criticizing him is criticizing Science." That's an absurd, dangerous appeal to "authority"…fundamentally antithetical to Science. What differentiates Science vs. Religion is the ability to challenge, test, and revise accumulated knowledge.

  21. Kurt Leifken

    Thank God for rand paul. This guy goes in an fights for us every time I turn on internet .

  22. David Williams

    Fauci is a bad person!!!

  23. Kreset Desy

    Thank you Rand Paul for finding the “truth”

  24. anthony wilson

    Fauci just like Faust. sold his soul to the devil.


    Anyone who believes in Trump's constant lying has been "Dummed-Out". Trump is a pathological liar along with his coherts Ted Cruz & Marjorie Taylor Greene. My hope is that he is put in prison within 18 months or sooner!
    Rand Paul constantly sucks on Trump's rump. He continues to spread lies, information, etc. And as we see in this interchange with Dr. Fauci, Rand Paul continues to lie about the pandemic and endanger people. We should all demand that this despicable man step down as Senator!

  26. Rigamortis


  27. icy ivy

    Vote Republican 🗳
    So they can FINALLY investigate who is responsible for the cov!d disaster and its consequences.

    Love from Greece

  28. thedude abides

    Read “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F Kennedy, Jr. Fauci is not only a politician posing as a scientist, he’s also a sociopath. Hopefully in the not-so-distant future, he will find himself in hell right next to a certain German fascist—because that’s right where he belongs.

  29. Deneen Rivas

    Truth will be found

  30. Deneen Rivas

    Truth always finds a way

  31. Johnny thumbtack

    He "fauci" blinded me with science…gates has been coaching fauci and fauci carries the "water" for gates…fauci and his family ar layered into the gates' empire.

  32. eng hockonn

    Politician earn their living through twist and turn fork tongue with conspiracy theory whereas Science is about truth and fact and the first virus was detected through the spanish flu and through the passage of time the virus mutated into the covid19 we see today which is unfortunate for humanity

  33. Pura Vida

    My kids will NEVER GET THE JAB, no matter what gun they government is holding to my head.

  34. Pura Vida

    Fauci is lying, it is obvious, all the facts together prove it.

  35. These idiots need to realize they don’t own us. Biden and croonies are in TEMPORARY positions of public servants , & the tyrannical laws they make after they no longer have the job will affect them and their families . Not sure why they’re so hell bent on destroying America and it’s people . That kind of person does not need to have any place in our Goverment . Go retire

  36. Stephen Boyd

    Rand Paul is a embarrassment as a elected official for the Commonwealth of Kentucky!

  37. David Brown

    Fox News and those who use it are dirt bags… and so is all the members of the GOP they are the leaders of the dumb and fearful.
    How many of you know that the Architect of Fox News is the same guy who made the WWE. I hate to bring you guys the Wes but the WWE is fake. These rich guys working to dis-Inform the working class.
    Using fear and anger to get votes even though they hate the working class…
    Why can’t you see the scum? Support the scum, why and the hell would anyone believe the rich who steal are
    Money and then make us upset with the people who are tying to protect Democracy.
    Who can name one thing, one bill that the GOP has done for the working class, or those who are not millionaires or billionaires? Come on people have a clue animal farm is here, this is total miss information and paranoia propaganda