Rand Paul: Dr. Fauci has made this 'very personal'


Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., addresses the ongoing feud with Dr. Anthony Fauci and confusing guidelines surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. #FoxNews

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Responses (38)

  1. This guy is so stupid. Why anyone would vote him into office is beyond me.

  2. Thank You Sen. Paul America thanks you for standing up to this mad man

  3. Big Pharma making money hand over fist.

  4. Anyone who's invested in the vaccine & stands to profit from it should NOT be allowed into a position where they can spew out propaganda in favor of the vaccine or suggest that it should be mandatory…. ARREST FAUCI!!!

  5. Why wouldn't you need a test if you're not sick? You're still going to go out and give it to people regardless of how sick you feel. Potentially, you'll have many times more virus circulating inside of the workplace.

    That's always been the giant hole in the vaccine solution. This is why they are saying "You are going to get Omicron". I think there is still much more study to do and pressure on China should increase. There are reports of childhood diabetes increasing after covid? Should this be acceptable?

  6. Rand Paul is disgusting

  7. Ah yes bring up conspiracies and it's like a ultimatum to our heads.. start crying rn or send me money.

  8. “ dr fauci has made this very personal “ as he milks his base with fauci propaganda and misinformation 😂 the hypocrisy

  9. Hard to find?? They just had it out hundreds of covid-19 test kits to residence inn Buffalo New York that live in public housing buildings my one friend said her and her boyfriend test kits they didn't even ask for them they just handed them out so scares why are the handing them to people who are asking for them?

  10. when your argument is well there was less deaths when trump was the president…… oh when the pandemic started there was less deaths who knew maybe it was the start of a pandemic

  11. He is the one that made it personal. I can't believe the hordes of liars and hypocrites we have elected to public office. He is just a disgusting human being. He and his wife have profited from this epidemic by making investments upon speculation about the trajectory of the virus. Rand Paul has no credibility. I am from the state of Kentucky. When I was growing we had real statesmen in office, Democrats and Republicans. Rand Paul is a disgrace. He started the whole thing with Fauci, seeking money on his website by demonizing Dr. Fauci, but I know all of you right wing Trump puritans are willing to overlook because it suits your political agenda. America is becoming a cesspool of ignorant, self serving, extremists.

  12. When it comes to pandemics I don’t trust no doctors. I gets all my medical advice from Facebook friends and politicians

  13. Rand Paul couldn't survive in an intelligent state.

  14. For a doctor ! He is not for health no wander he spread false rumours in college
    He has not changed

  15. Dr. Fauci is responsible for testing? How? Operation Warp Speed was Trump’s baby. No Rand didn’t make it personal at all by shouting and berating Dr, Fauci at all . He just wants to cry when it comes back on him.

  16. Paul's neighbor didn't finish his job


  18. Republican cause a lot of cost morally/ethically and monolatry cost. From chousing to lie to win an election. Now there on the attack to pass blame. sad

  19. More people died because assholes like Rand Paul are telling public not to get vaccinated to make joe Biden look bad.

  20. Where was Rand Paul's neighbor when you need him?
    Hopefully this anarchist loses re-election

  21. Paul is an ignorant liar purposely trying to confuse. Compared to previous president, the COVID response is awesome.

  22. No, YOU made it personal

  23. Paul is better when he's fetching golf balls for Drumph. The orange is still dripping out his nose and mouth when he shills. Got his super absorbent Goldy locks perm for wiping though.

  24. The Senator stated that Dr. Fauci made this personal. Well, it's personal because the Senator has made it so.🤷🏾

  25. Rand Paul is offensively stupid

  26. This is all wrong. Why does Fox News trade in domestic violence?mi hate the smugness they always have. Stop looking so smug.

  27. Rand Paul u already got one beat down u looking for another one Fauci is gonna

  28. Rand Paul and fox news lol and whats with the hair rand what a joke all lies

  29. Life… it’s personal.

  30. Paul finds a platform to spout his disinformation on FOX. Leave it to the most disgraced and disreputable media outlet to promote this weasel.

  31. wearing a germ soaked diaper on your face, i been laughing about this one since the beginning.

  32. another example of how the dumbing down of america has been successful

  33. hes a n 81 yr old narcissist

  34. Rand Paul has no credibility.

  35. Nothing Fauci has said is not true, and there is NO evidence whatsoever that the SARS CoV-2 virus came from any lab in Wuhan. That is DANGEROUS MISINFORMATION. ABSOLUTE LIES.