Rand Paul, Dr. Fauci trade blows in tense Senate hearing


Senator Rand Paul asks questions to NAIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci during a Senate committee hearing. #FoxNews

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Responses (34)

  1. The guy takes zero responsibility for anything.

  2. Fauci is the opposite of science.
    0% substantiation
    100% assertion

  3. people are very agressive with kings

  4. let me ask how did the virus get in fruit that china ship out all over the world

  5. he needs to go now not later fauci is lieing

  6. Dr. Fauchis human mask is slipping. Keep that heat on him Sen. Paul we love watching him squirm 🐍

  7. lies Fauci lies

  8. Crimes against Humanity

  9. The next 50,100 or 200 yr generation will see the evil in faucci for sure cos this generation don't want to listen

  10. Let's see your financial records FAUCI !!! How much did you make from the Aids virus & Vaccine !!!

  11. Foot note if you are a beagle or think you are one blink torture for help

  12. I'm attacked by people who know I funded this virus!?!?!

    Ahh poor baby…

  13. Uneducated fauci is the face of satan.

  14. It's a shame that guy got stopped for speeding…


  16. Fauci approved the funding for corona virus in Wuhan

  17. Fauci needs to be in prison. Not club med prison, but prison prison.

  18. I have grown to despise this evil little leprechaun. A new survey shows only 31% of Americans still trust Dr. Evil and his machinations.

  19. We want the truth

  20. Fauci is a lot like Joe Biden, they're both Legends in their own minds.

  21. Rand hair 🙊🙊

  22. One is a Politician with a Doctor's heart; one is a Doctor with a Politician's heart…….

  23. Fauci, to Committee: "What you need to do "…

  24. Fauci put the cards on the table. So disgusting how the rich has been gaslighting us to fatten their pockets at the cost of our health. Trump already said to take the shot!!

  25. Fauci needs to be held and tried for crimes against the American people! When did we as a country stop believeing in accoutability!

  26. Wow
    Am I the only one who is seeing those that have something to hide.
    Tend to instantly start saying "they attack me" .. smh

  27. You can tell Fauci has a bad case of the narcissist personality disorder by how fast he goes into making himself out to be the victim when some of his wrongdoings are pointed out.

  28. "Crazies" says the psychopath

  29. This dude is a absolute low life everything out of this guys (that calls himself the science) mouth is a lie this dude is the biggest liar I've ever seen and he make 420k a year lying what a joke

  30. Fauci keeps saying he is distorting things, but is not willing to give his word for word response. These are tactics used by a manipulator. It is CLEAR Fauci is misdirecting Sen. Paul's evidential questions. The questions are based on the actual e-mails. Sen Paul has quoted them. Fauci can only whine about his family being harrassed and imply that Paul thinks COVID is imaginary. Paul had COVID and helped treat those with COVID in his community. He has also taken a BULLET for is support of HONEST dialogue and truth based in fact in service to this country. Fauci, just answer the questions.

  31. Fauci entire arguments is evading questions