Recur Raises $50M, Largest Series A Round in NFT Space


Recur, a platform that lets users buy, collect, and resell NFTs, has raised $50 million to a total valuation of $333 million after a Series A funding round led by Digital, a metaverse investment platform backed by billionaire Steve Cohen’s family office. Co-founders and co-CEOs Zach Bruch and Trevor George discuss how they secured the funds and what they will use them for, including launching a new NFT college sports platform, NFTU. Plus, insights into NFT investment risks amid the booming NFT market.

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Responses (6)

  1. is there a coin for this?

  2. So no own token, no own app yet, but huge ip like college sports and hello kitty..strange strategy sounds like step 3 before step 1. Could be a huge competitor to VeVe, but we will see

  3. So, this is like the VeVe app?

  4. I have no idea how they got $50M. Maybe I should also go launch a small NFT consulting firm?

  5. Biggest risk is consumers realizing that such NFT collectible have very limited ownership rights under law.

  6. Frankly, this sounds like they hooked some top properties, but don’t really have their tech act together at all. Sounds like another scam and jam.