Rep. Elise Stefanik: This is a war on parents


Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., on the January 6 committee and recent emails suggesting Education Secretary Miguel Cardona solicited the controversial NSBA memo comparing parents to domestic terrorists. #FoxNews

ELISE STEFANIK: Secretary Cardona should resign. We knew that there was coordination between the Biden administration and the National School Boards Association. Now we know specifically that it was not just coordination, it was solicitation of the letter, which Merrick Garland said under oath was the only justification for setting up the new office within the Department of Justice to specifically target parents under the guise of so-called domestic terrorists. It is a war on parents. It is absolutely outrageous. It should outrage every family across this nation. I hear it from my district they’re outraged. Parents have a right to speak up at school boards. They have a right and a say in their kids’ education. They have a right to access curriculum, and the fix was in on this, Harris. This was the Biden administration through the senior level cabinet official soliciting the letter that they used as a justification to target parents.

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Responses (39)

  1. Trevan Herek

    I'm going to go ahead and take a guess Ms. Stefanik puts a hurting to the old Broan

  2. Steven Wolinak

    American people need kevin Mcarthy documents and testimony under oath ,

  3. Mary Bartlett

    She wasn’t speaking like this in 2016!

  4. Middle Finger #1

    Virginia Foxx is pushing 80 years old. She's just about as old as Pelosi. I hope (Foxx) retires this year and gives way for a younger and hungrier conservative to take her place.

  5. Communist, China, Biden CRT Indoctrination, of the American children, breeds their American parents, country out of existence !

    Owned Communist Marxist China, bought and trained sleeper agent, Great American King Biden, is in charge, bend your knee. You cannot vote King Biden out. He is in charge commoners.

    Don't spend with Biden supporters, unfollow Facebook. Turn off Biden supporting shows, films, streaming services and advertisers.
    Take money away from Biden, simples Not spending has power more than your 80 million votes.

    To coward and scared King Biden will get angry?

    Rebellion Biden

    Copy and paste.

  6. MrBigangry

    Omg I just realized I'm older than Elise stefanik…….

  7. A corpse is talking

    It was sedition! You lied

  8. John Catto

    This government has a very nasty habit of not allowing paperwork they have to be seen in the public arena. There is no threat to the country involved, only to certain members of the public and the government. The people must have access to the truth. Let's go Brandon.

  9. I am Kesha

    The same people who were either silent or supported the people rioting, looting, burning federal buildings and even cause grave harm to others are targeting parent for standing up for their children.
    Also, those are the same people who once complained about the school to prison pipeline. Guess which kids end up in prison? The ones who parents were not involved.

  10. Steven Caskey

    Congressman Stephanic is right on the money.

  11. ken wade

    Notting will happen to anyone to much money and power both party's brake the laws.. laws for you but not for me.

  12. Aliengrogg

    i see that Biden adops Xi Jinpings forceful indoktrinations of children. o yeah he has personal interests in China thats for sure..

  13. peter hompot

    Pelosi needs to be investigated. She is a criminal! Pelosi will be out of power next election anyway.

  14. Savanah Mclary

    The reason the Americans were at the Capitol on January 6th was because the Speaker of the House and the Representatives are NOT upholding their sworn oath to the Constitution.
    Just maybe if they would do their job… there would not be any problems. But it most certainly was a wake up call, to All Americans, on how UNPREPARED the Capitol was for an enemy attack.

  15. James Feldman

    Any and all "mandates" pertaining to Covid, from all levels, will be disregarded, opposed and NOT complied with.

  16. Alfred Degiorgio

    IS TRAMP A FLIGHT RISK? His legal problems are increasing and a very serious one has just come up. Leaders of his allies, the Oath Keepers domestic terrorists, have been indicted on sedition charges. They'll be interrogated extensively and could implicate him in their plan to overthrow the government. WILL HE FLEE BEFORE HE’S ARRESTED?

  17. fake conservatives

    Yea Jan 6 wasnt real.

  18. Steve S

    Home school, and private school. If we can do it, anyone can. Public schools have become dummed down liberal indoctrination centers. How important are your children to you? Pull your kids out of public school,,,now.

  19. Morris Phillips

    Facism vs democracy, fox appreciates the former.

  20. Grady Philpott

    The real war is against the family. America went along with this, because it meant two-income families and lots of stuff. In the meantime, people didn't realize what was being done with their kids, while they were making the big bucks. Now, a disruption in the status quo has gotten parents to reengage with their school boards and they are amazed that their schools have been turned into Marxist indoctrination camps and that when they object to any school policy they are treated like terrorists. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  21. FB junkandcrap

    This is an attack upon American Citizens.

  22. New York is up against it and needs MANY more strong woman to LEAD it away from the EVIL being THRUST into it!

  23. Sean Griffin

    The nuclear family is a threat to the left. School boards and Biden's administration is full of lefties. Do the math.

  24. Steve McFarland

    This is not a war on parents. It’s a war on individuals whose thirst for power exceeds their concern for America, including your guest. Each and every succeeding day we see new information coming forward which weakens the arguments of conservative leaders. I urge all to carefully watch televised 1/6 hearings which will surely come a few months down the road.

  25. Kelly Moore

    Boy, I like her!

  26. Curtis Clary

    good luck on getting the docs.

  27. ken kido

    Nancy wanted this to happen…Too easy to have stopped it with basic planning. That & the mystery man that the FBI will not speak about leading the surge? Stuck in CA I can assure you 'They' hate 'US' & will use any tactic to reduce our parental rights & control us. Like they want broken Nuclear Families with stunted learning children? Like the mission statment of BLM. Scary stuff. Great reporting.

  28. chinto kata


  29. Jason Luck

    Remember ‘They will silence Trump’, then…

    Trump supporters, then
    any conservateur… Republicans,
    Right wing medias,
    Then get the judicials on their side.. then shutdown any protesting like those Antifa/BLM who basically helped them..

    And do away with the constitution rights along the voting system… and voilà !

    And they will use the argument that this is for everyone’s safety since the country can’t be governed anymore.

  30. Chris Wegman

    This should be the beginning of disbanding the FBI, DHS, and full revocation of the Patriot Act.

  31. Lisa Yawn

    Oh whale Democrat party is going belly up thrown out is there on outg it is their own fault barely it

  32. Barry Sack

    What we have are disorderly lawmakers, building an overreaching government, with the lack of proper law enforcement that is causing chaos in our streets. All of this is designed to divide the people to make it easier to enslave us, creating the wasteland the communist "Democrats" want. Find the superhero within you and fight back.

  33. Billy Gugen

    Democrats are now openly anti American and pro Communist.
    Very scary.

  34. trollsRtrix

    Everything is a war on fox🤭

  35. James Schills

    Ohios bias against fathers is war on parents.

  36. The country wants to know what action is being done to correct this other than just talk

  37. Sacherman

    Is this the new war on Christmas?

  38. Dawn Clabaugh

    From what I can tell zone it's not just parents. "The government" has obviously declared war against Americans. Our country is being invaded, our rights blatantly violated and everything we work for is being taken and/or destroyed with impunity.

  39. Kevin Drake

    Why is Joe Biden calling Kamala Harris President Harris? Is this a look into the future?