Russia Using Bitcoin, NEO Price Jump Speculation & $7 Trillion Market Cap


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Responses (35)

  1. YouTubeIsDying

    Just paid for rent and have no money to feed myself, any little bit will help! Just asking for $10 if you can help, I have just got a bitcoin wallet address today, God bless you.
    One love x

  2. NEO the NEW BTC!

  3. Scott Kimball

    Once a country imposed by US sanctions drops millions into BTC there will be country level FOMO. Looking forward to it.

  4. Samuel Ocansey

    Look up Apollo currency! Great opportunity

  5. Kathryn Justice

    Pass the tin foil❗ NEO, XEM, SYS, & NPXS… Run Forrest, run! 🐂🏃‍♂️🐂🏃‍♂️🐂🏃‍♂️

  6. Freedom ForAll

    The thing I find weird is we invest into crypto to make fiat. So what happens when the cap is 7trillion and I make 100mill. But I don't want to take it out in fiat cause I hate the fiat system. So how can I buy a house and a nice suv unless I take it out in fiat. What has to change is a way to pay for things in crypto more and more. Food, shelter and bills. So it's quite a pickle.

  7. Crypto World

    It is not ( eye – ran ) or ( I ran )
    Correct pronunciation for Iran is >>> correctly pronounced ee-RON.
    Same thing with Iraq …it is not ( eye -rack ) …right pronunciation is >>
    Ee – Rock .
    I love your videos , just wanted to remind you about countries name .
    Please pronounce it right 😊👍

  8. Samurai

    Stop jerk off on Russia, it will never accept crypto as a payment i will repeat NEVER.

  9. Vegan X

    Cardano is my biggest asset i have around 1,200,500 ADA, Im a big believer on this project, the supply makes sense, even if it hits a trillion dollar a $60 dollar cardano is far more affordable than a $4,000 bitcoin, having a large supply is best to make transactions around the world.

  10. Noel Whelan

    Paraguay in south america announced that is was going in to partnership with a semi state/ Private bitcoin mining company. Next to a power station damn.
    I believe they said they were investing 500 million dollars. Gov/ Private partnership. Its a start.

  11. flisnoo shaboo

    buy chainlink plebs

  12. Garry Arnephy

    The governments are moving the porns on the chess board. its just a matter of time before BTC will explode, try owning just 1 if you can. I hold XPR and will be retiring soon 🙂 The price of BTC is suppressed, its going to pop!!!

  13. Surf Daze

    Love your videos 🙂

  14. buoyancy density2017

    BEAST VIDEO my money all in bit coin fuck yea !!!

  15. you're such a BULL 🙂 love your videos

  16. Lab Mehmeti

    Maybe you think that you are smart, shame on you! You are just another cluelessperson, who got a chance to make videos just because of internet. Your interpretation are, to be ashamed for🤒🤒🤒!

  17. zan zan

    in sweden we pay 30+% tax and its the greatest thing ever

  18. Nate Sandoval

    A lot of the older generation still thinks bitcoin is a scam. One of my older coworkers calls it the new tulip bubble. Bitcoin has had many bubbles. Tulip bubble happened once. They dont even care to try to understand bitcoin. Even one of my coworkers that made money in bitcoin in 2017 says crypto is dying. They have no clue what is happening. They are focused on all time highs and dont see that bitcoin is actually the best performing asset class we have seen.

  19. PJ Royster

    I totally agree with your statement that normal people are not paying attention to crypto! I have been trying to inform friends and family but they laugh at me or say you're talking about this again! I agree the average Joe will be stunned once digital assets go global!

  20. yoyo 123

    Governments can buy billions of dollars of BTC. If they buy billions and BTC drop by 95% they can easily print anther billion dollars and buy more BTC. 🙂

  21. Serenity Integra

    Russia has the Russian coin, similar price to btc.

  22. darotweiler7

    I think it’s a good move. For far too long the U.S govt has used its economic power as a weapon against other countries to force them to abide by its rules.. when Russia moves to bitcoin other countries will follow suit

  23. Jerry Beard

    Greatest crypto review ever!!!!!!!!!!!


    One of the most secretive and corrupt countries in the world advertising that they're going to use bitcoin. Riiiiiiight not suspect

  25. Kathryn J. Hernandez

    100 PERCENT MANIPULATION is taking place just as with all the other markets. Derivatives pegged to the asset. Criminal.

  26. T Thomas

    You deserve an award for this one bruh bruh …. Good (Sugar-Honey-Ice-Tea)

  27. Alexander Österreich


  28. Alexander Österreich

    ah…. fuck Putin

  29. Alexander Österreich

    Buy buy

  30. Cindy Marks

    Putin is a smart guy! 👍👍 I put all my extra money into BTC.

  31. I love it when you get real and don’t care on the rants; 2019 no holding back.

  32. rybolov

    If you create your own cryptocurrency, then it is still roughly tied to your native currency: everybody knows that you control it. These countries need something that has international use.

  33. XRP 747E

    You got it! Spot on! You can lead a horse…

  34. Darren A

    My neighbor just heard ur video and wants to know what's bitcoin

  35. Coincollector82

    So refreshing, a video without xrp in the title 😊