SHOCK! BARCELONA STEALS A REAL MADRID PLAYER! Barça hits Madrid with an unexpected transfer!


SHOCK! BARCELONA STEALS A REAL MADRID PLAYER! Barça hits Madrid with an unexpected transfer!

Real Madrid player to move to Barcelona!
El Chiringuito TV

And here is a recent unexpected twist of the transfer market! Barcelona agreed with Isco – the Real Madrid midfielder’s contract expires next summer and the parties have no intention to renew it.

The Spanish has already held talks with Xavi – Barça’s manager will be delighted to see such an experienced player on his team, while Laporta also approved this deal to take place next summer!

Ronaldo and Messi at PSG 2022/23?
Le 10 Sport

Cristiano Ronaldo can pursue a career in France.

According to Le 10 Sport, the experienced Portuguese fell into the sphere of interest of PSG. The French club is looking for a replacement for Mbappe, who is willing to leave the Red and Blues at the season’s end.

PSG are open to consider the possibility of inviting Ronaldo in case he expresses a desire to leave the “red devils” camp.

Thus, the unthinkable happens – the legendary and epic duo is to be made up – Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will play alongside each other in one team!

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  1. Friends, write your predictions for today's epic game between Barcelona and Real Madrid! 🙌🏻

  2. You guys surprise me everytime… really… at 0:45 u say that Isco don't want to leave Real Madrid and rejected all offers and at the end of the video you say that the same player already reached agreement with Barca… do you people ever check facts before posting your videos? its incredible how little work you put in your videos.

  3. Football nowadays is all about money I hate this fucking sport it really sucks

  4. Are you only Barcelona news reporters 😂😂

  5. Bro I love to see your Video's your videos are very Excited I love you bro i keep supporting on you

  6. Xavi will say anything

  7. Diver, penaldo and retire will be🔥🔥🔥😂

  8. It was much improvement on barca honestly, 120minute they're really have a good fight, maybe in 1 or 2 year barca can be like old time

  9. I bet they will be on the same team in the MLS, playing for Beckham's Inter Miami. Not forgetting Suarez who will go their first.

  10. Messi Right, Neymar Left and CR7 Centre? Hahahaha that would be insane!!

  11. Rip 🙏 for the goal keeper

  12. Why do you announce something that is not true!? This channel is such a misleading scam. Isco is still a Madrid player. All your video titles are not true.

  13. Barca and real are tied 2 2 they are in extra time

  14. I'm a Barcelona fan but I think you should switch it up a bit . 😉

  15. This is a big classico and I guarantee to you that Real Madrid will win. No Doubt!

  16. isco news is absouletely fake

  17. i really hope the vlahovic signing goes through, but so much money gives me flashbacks to coutinho and dembele to barcelona, for vlahovic’s sake and for arsenals sake I really hope he does wel

  18. Ronaldo to retire at man united full stop we are tired of him transferring from one club to another first of all he is so old who will take him

  19. I just want to know

  20. You don't have any news about the AFCON

  21. Right now, PSG is the only team that can put messi and ronaldo in the same team. Mbappe to Madrid, Ronaldo to psg. Win win for both united and ronaldo who is such a great player. I think united will be a better team without him though. Since both messi and ronaldo wants at least one final champions league. PSG dying for it. Might as pack all of them there and see what happens.

  22. All Atletico do is buying strikers. Good strikers as well.

  23. Isco to barca? Say less

  24. Madrid FTW today 🔥

  25. For me el classico is no more epic!!

  26. Salah would really help barca😉😉

  27. Alaba is not going to play due to muscular discomfort

  28. We have all seen it before. Galacticoes don't succeed. Add another star to this PSG team and they will fall even crazier.

  29. isco rejected all clubs
    isco mooving to barça …
    i wanna try your weed brother

  30. Next video Messi to real Madrid 😂

  31. Its hard to say whether Messi will stay in PSG, France or not because he wants to leave.

  32. Totally Trash news…..Full of False informations….

  33. Before I even watch this video .. are these rumors or confirmed ?

  34. UGGH, I hope leo comes home if CR7 decides to go to psg – the whole factos thing leaves such a sour taste. Fefore that I would have been excited.

  35. Love the videos but these titles are getting pretty annoying

  36. barselona 0 real 2

  37. barca to win on pens

  38. Ronalodo please retire your time is up

  39. Fcb win 💗💗💗

  40. Top 3 earners in bayern,, neuer, lewandowski and koman…..
    How underrated thomas muller is🙂( legend)

  41. This isnt the same el classico,, real and barca praising each othe…( Strange)🙂

  42. This channel is obsessed with Barcelona

  43. PSG finds Ronaldo to be Mbappe's replacement? That's funny as hell 🤣🤣