SHOCKING Crypto News!!! (NO ONE Saw THIS Coming For Bitcoin!)


In today’s video, we will discuss Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and other top trending Crypto assets and altcoins.

What We Discuss:
-Market Watch
-BTC/ETH Charts
-Coinbase Leverage
-Polygon vs Solana
-Seashell App
-Argentina Strike
-Energy FUD
-$266K BTC Jackpot

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Responses (26)

  1. almost as sad as when celsius sent cease and desist order for my state started withdrawing into Vauld.

  2. Why you cut the vitalik buteein conference , he is not saying binance coin out of everything.. he say binance the centralized exhange.
    If you dont cut the video for marketing porpose.
    He say the binanche centralized exhange for the time to to the tranfers.they slow ethereum for dont do more transactions.
    But maybe you hold a bag of bnb 🙂
    Dont become a yellow press if you give news give then completed.

  3. What happend with Polygon the other day I heard the gas prices shot up because of some game making millions of transactions?? Thought this wouldn't happen with them???

  4. Vitalik obv couldn't suggest the obvious crypto to fast cheap payments eh !


  5. Love Frankie!

  6. 52:35 best part of the show …ben is great comedy hahaha

  7. So buy SOL and let the central bank pump it. Then sell for bitcoin?

  8. 2022 should be more Volatile. Stocks
    should be up and down. I think Crypto Alt
    Projects will provide good opportunities. I'll
    be in both and potentially get a rental
    property towards the end of the year.

  9. Walmart decided to stop most stores from being open 24 hours before the pandemic. The pandemic just sped up the process

  10. Funny how when it's to the downside it's manipulation but to the upside it's not manipulation? All about pushing your agenda

  11. solana fud… you guys missed out on it. its the hedge on ethereum and fantom is the hedge on solana. you guys are behind….

  12. right now Polygon is better than Solana, having said that, Solana is still in Beta and is due to an upgrade in April

  13. I made a lot of money last year

  14. For the love of God, please stop begging for likes…

  15. OGN is undervalued. It will go up more.

  16. Black cherry vanilla? Really? when TJ is trying to make an important point?!!

  17. Don’t claim manipulation unless you present the evidence, you sound like you’re just building a narrative. Be better Bitboy

  18. They can remain nameless I think all of us crypto nerds know. But I think it’s smart because it’s giving countries like El Salvador and other countries that want to make it legal in there country to get in a little lower that by the middle or end of the year when it’s probably going to explode 🤯 🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻💵💵💵💵 by the dip people and don’t sell no matter what any of these YouTubers tell you!

  19. Maybe YouTube censorship got him at the end… them bastards!!! Lol… that's my clue to BUY MORE CRO !!!

  20. Switching to stable coins counts as selling Ben

  21. How can you call today's dump manipulation???? Crypto is directly tied to the traditional markets. The S&P fell 70 points!! The DXY stopped dumping… All you have to do is watch the futures market and you know which direction BTC will go for the day. Just my $.02

  22. Tron haha give me a break

  23. My Coinbase account was hacked their security did'nt stop this. Don't trust Coinbase!!!

  24. ended weird or just me ?