SierraChart DOM vs TT X_Trader MD Trader Comparison – Part 3 (CPI Release)


Comparison of Sierra Chart Trading DOM and Trading Technologies X_Trader Pro MD Trader (Market Depth) during the 14th February 2018 US CPI release.

This video is not created to compare the functions of these two platforms because obviously they have their own huge advantages. Rather it can simply help to see how their DOMs function during different market conditions.

Thanks for commenting on the previous comparison videos!
SierraChart v1697 with CQG
TT X_Trader Pro v7.17.62.0

Markets: 10yr Notes (ZN) EuroStoxx50 (FESX) & 30yr Bonds (ZB)

How to Setup and Customize Trading DOM in Sierra Chart

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Responses (3)

  1. The first TT DOM at 0:14 shows 523, what is it and how come Sierra doesn't show it. FYI all your videos are great.

  2. ZN_Trader

    Can you do this comparison with Sierra's Cumulative Last Size instead of Recent Bid/Ask?

  3. Ádám Pap

    Hi, could you send me this sierra dom template?