Simple EMA Strategy To Make $100 A Day Trading Cryptocurrency As A Beginner 2019


If you are a beginner in crypto trading, here is a simple way you can make $100 a day easily, by trading bitcoin. here is one insanely easy exponential moving average ( ema ) strategy that you can use over and over and over again to profit on any type of cryptocurrency you wish to trade.
This is my most used trading strategy that does not require much thinking or anything crazy do to with technical analysis, so if this strategy helped you, please
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Let me know which cryptocurrency you traded with this technique!

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Responses (39)

  1. well, the Ema is a lagging indicator so you'll never be able to setup your position until its rather late, usful but not good on its own

  2. Good simple short to the point video. Good job.

  3. Ahh, the good old days

  4. would this work is you set the time lower? Let's say 5m?

  5. Does this work today?

  6. Why don't you just use the 55 ema by itself

  7. Mr John david is the best, recommending him to all beginners who wants to recover losses like I did

  8. thank u
    me and the homies using it for futures

  9. I have a question? what if the 55-ema is under the other lines on hourly chart, but crossing lines or over other lines on the daily chart? what matters more? daily?

  10. Mate, which one we should follow? 1Hr or 4Hr?

  11. tradingview only lets me add 3 indicators and i don't want to buy the premium just yet, so do you recommend using 3 indicators… if so which days should i set them to. Or should i try using another method?

  12. what time frame is it best to use this on?

  13. Having a trading plan is essential for every trader. Trading with Mrs Monroe's platform and understanding its unique premise could help you formulate better your own trading plan.

  14. Bitcoin at 3k in this video ohmygawddddd

  15. This is the best and most reliable indicator I’ve ever used! Thanks for sharing it! The whole 4 line together is super + each one helps you along the way! Awesome.

  16. Good Simple strategy although nothing could give 100% results however I can see that its success rate convincing, I have two questions pls. 1. do you think its going to be effective for 1 minute candle as well or 1hour is best and finally is there any consideration for 9,14 and 21 crossing each other

  17. also how do you know when to sell? can you put an alert on? without the alert i must be glaring at my screen all the time…

  18. where do you put your stop loss?

  19. You need to check your winrate. You may profit in some months but it could be most months you lost so much more. Pls check it, or use pine script or something. Also you don't explain the other lines why you need them?

  20. Mate thanks for this .. Great video.
    Will give it a go

  21. does the number 9 14 21 55 also apply for DAY ?

  22. I've just tried it on WIN 🀞

  23. This video is simply great for someone that has no idea where to start as a beginner. Thank you Joey!

  24. Tnx bro, I liked the video… Can you explain to me what 9, 14, 21, 55 mean? Just wanna understand..

  25. this strategy worked well back in 2018 but i dont think it works now. because the markets not the same

  26. this is an amazing video. thanks

  27. dude some much bullsiht – why do you need 9/14/21 as you not using them?

  28. I wanna quit my 3k a month job to do this

  29. Cryptosystem has a systematic way of trading with the right investor.very profitable if you actually met a professional in the system. That's why I recommend my investor stone Morgan a professional in the game. Reach him on telegram @stonemorgan5

  30. Would it be the same if you just use the 55EMA, cuz I don't get what all the others do or tell me. Could you make a more detailed video on how to trade this strategy? You know that MA and indicators Lag, and the crossover or the "Signal" you will be getting it late, long after the movement have gone, and you can easily fall into a consolidation, reverse, or just less movement.. Please advise. Thanks

  31. Just found this and really gave me more insight over all. Great video and thank you for sharing it. You have a wonderful remaining of the year sir.

  32. Video is great and it does work very well many thanks

  33. This works today?

  34. Thanks for sharing this. Really helpful vid and I really loved watching it!

  35. Hey brother, looks like you're using tradingview to chart. I'm havin some time lags between my candlesticks so I was wondering if that's just the free version of it and if I should switch to the paid version (if you're using the paid version)? Ty for any tips.

  36. CLick bait title. You said 100$ a day then say its takes 8 days to make 150$

  37. The time has finally come when almost all analyst projected bitcoin would again reach or surpass its all time high of last year but reality is here and it just goes to show how unpredictable cryptocurrency is and its high time we all come to that realization that hodling may not be the best plan of action to get the most profit out of crypto. Infact, in a time where others are having sleepless nights thinking about loses from declining and fluctuating bitcoin value, a fairly decent percentage of traders including myself are making great profit utilizing different trade techniques so you dont have to wait for whatever will be will be. Read books, watch tutorial videos, ask questions from master traders, don't let news pass you by, and most importantly be an emotionless trader and abide by a certain rule and you'll do great in the cryptoworld. A note of warning to newbies and mid-experience traders is be very careful if you dont completely understand or know what you are doing because just like how crypto is building people on their way to wealth, it is also destroying and bankrupting others so do not follow the FUD or FOMO but follow the money. I was guided all the time by Harry Schneider (harryschneiderrr@gmailcom) with trade patterns, and signals and that alone helped me make a lot of money as a trader. He is a great analyst and extremely good at designing trade strategies for different market situations and his signals are very accurate. You can mail him if you need his assistance on any crypto related issues